DIY Chicken Tunnel System – Make The Chickens Do The Gardening

Moveable Chicken Tunnel Main Image

Raising chickens in your backyard? Here’s a chicken tunnel system idea that will make you AND your chickens happier! Chickens can do a lot more than just produce fresh eggs for us. They till and fertilize the soil, and they love to eat weeds, snails, bugs, and other critters that trespass our gardens. By making a movable […]

Build a Straw Bale Greenhouse!

Straw Bale Greenhouse

A greenhouse made from straw bales? It’s certainly interesting but many would be doubtful about this idea. Yes, it’s affordable (even money-saving for some), environment friendly and provides good insulation. But is it strong enough? The good news is a straw bale greenhouse is just like any other construction project – it could either be a disaster or […]

Build a Gorgeous Greenhouse From Old Windows

Greenhouse from Old Windows

Many gardeners dream of adding a greenhouse to their garden space – and for good reason. They are excellent for starting seeds and for extending the growing season in cold climates. But they are expensive, which is why many DIYers looking for alternatives that demand less from their bank accounts. This project is one such […]

DIY Fire Pit Coffee Table

There’s something about a fire that makes a memorable night even more memorable. A lot of people share this sentiment, too considering that fire pit tables have become so popular. Nowadays, indoor furniture is brought outdoors. It works best if it’s multi-functional. In this DIY project, we marry the best of two worlds into one […]

DIY Paint Palette Planter

We have several paintings at home given to us by our friend who’s a very good painter. She usually gives us her artwork when there’s an occasion. And these aren’t just random paintings. They’re mostly paintings that mean a lot to us. Because her gifts are personalized, we feel guilty that we just give her […]

Grow and protect your produce with a removable raised garden bed fence

Removable Garden Bed Fence

High-raised garden beds do not only prevent backaches, they also help protect your produce from critters. But sometimes simply having a raised garden bed is not enough and an additional ‘wall’ around it is needed to further keep it from critters that can get on it. This type of protection, however, makes gardening a bit more […]

How to Build an Optical Illusion Garden Mirror

If you have a garden, here’s an excellent way to sprinkle some magic into it. This garden mirror is simple and easy but the result is enchanting. Using an old mirror, you create an illusion of a space that goes beyond your walls. The design is basic but you get to customize it any way […]

DIY Propane Tank VW Bus Fire Pit

I know of several families who love nature and outdoor trips. It doesn’t matter how short or long the travel is. They just want to get out of town for a day or two. These families are those who also own a number of portable stuff – handy, practical, and useful. What surprised me, though, […]

Dry Creek Bed – How to Install One in Your Backyard

Beautiful landscapes have always impressed me. I can’t help but fall in love with my neighbor’s landscape which she regularly changes every quarter. Admittedly, she says it’s her guilty pleasure and instant stress-reliever. One thing, though, that remained constant is her dry creek bed. I’ve figured out that, not only is it visually appealing, but […]

DIY Hand-Held Seed Planter

Planting is fun. It can be a great pastime and an effective way to take your mind off things. Plus, it’s satisfying, too, especially when you get to harvest the fruits of your labor. But do you know what takes the fun out of planting? Back pain. If you’ve been planting beans and corn, you […]