Pack a Punch of Spookiness: Making a Packing Tape Ghost in 7 Simple Steps!

Packing Tape Ghost

A packing tape ghost is a sure way to give your neighbours a good scare and creep them out. And it’s effortless to make! This DIY ghost decor is suitable as a weekend project since it is a bit time-consuming. However, it’s really easy to make regardless of what kind of ghost you wish to display. Lady ghosts with long dresses are one of […]

Garden Decor 101: Making Your Own Charming Clay Flower Pot Horse Effortlessly

DIY Clay Pot Horse

If you want your friends and family to frequent your precious garden, you must fill it not only with healthy, colourful plants and blooms but also with adorable decorations! A clay flower pot horse is one idea everybody will surely love! Aren’t these garden decorations cute?? Though some of you might find that it’s not a quick […]

Magical Makeovers: How to Create a Stunning Fairy House from a Tree Stump

Trees add beauty to your landscape, increase property value, and provide shade from the hot summer sun. But dead trees can be an eyesore and need to be removed immediately. They are tripping hazards that are likely to attract pests. But why go through the gruelling task of removing a dead tree stump when you […]

3 Charming Secrets to Making Your Own Miniature Stone Fairy House

Miniature Stone Fairy House

Did you like the fairy gardens collection we’ve shown you in the past? Then you’re going to love this idea too! Stone houses possess that enchanting and magical beauty that makes miniature versions of them perfect for fairy gardens! Making miniature stone fairy houses is a hobby suitable for all age groups and fitness levels. Most of the […]

Discover the Magical World of Cloud Lamps and Create Your Own Dreamy Sky

If you’re looking for a captivating addition to your bedroom, imagine having your very own sky right inside your sanctuary – DIY Cloud Lamps! I have a 7-year-old niece who I regularly talk to over Facetime because she lives in a different state. Our usual topics include her love for Barbie and dollhouses. Yesterday, I […]

Make a magical bed canopy with lights

Bed Canopy with Lights

Don’t like sleeping in total darkness? A bed canopy with lights would help. It doesn’t just serve as a nightlight, it’s a beautiful decor for your bed too! The bed canopy with lights is a lovely way to provide mood lighting in your personal space. It’s perfect for people who are afraid of the dark, especially if they […]

How to make a chalkboard sign using old cabinet doors

Cabinet Door Chalkboard Sign

Got an old cabinet door that you want to ‘get rid of’? Turning it into a chalkboard is a fun little upcycling idea that you can use for so many purposes! And there are several ways to do it as well depending, on what you want to use your DIY chalkboard for. If you want a chalkboard […]

Adorable DIY Rubber Boot Dog

Art comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes. I realized just how true this is when I saw some people make rubber boot dog. Not the real dogs, of course, but something that qualifies as art. We have a lot of unused pairs of boots on our farm. Somehow, we have managed to collect more […]

DIY Vinyl Record Frame

Despite the advent of digital music, some of us have a hard time letting go of vinyl records. That’s understandable. After all, they are such a huge part of our growing-up years. Plus, the covers are just too beautiful they actually double as works of art.   If you want to be able to listen […]

Decorate Your Garden by Making These Succulent Balls

Succulent Ball

Growing tired of a lifeless interior? Or maybe your room feels like a blank canvas ready for a dash of color. The best indoor plants can add an excellent point of interest to a room.  They are organic,  clean, and sometimes even sculptural. Plants delight us with their unpredictable but calming, steady presence. Want a […]