Chic Concrete Pendant Lights: Affordable Lights in 11 Steps

One of the best ways to update a space is to add lighting. A great idea would be to use lighting fixtures that can double as art pieces. However, designer lighting can get pretty expensive. But you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars so you can have a set of stylish lights. With a […]

DIY Sunburst Pencil Clock

As working parents, it’s important that we spend quality time with the family. For us, our weekends are reserved solely for the kids. We spend each week differently: a trip to the mall, a movie date, or a day at the park. There’s one activity though that’s been an all-time favorite. We call it the […]

How to make a shower curtain wall art

Shower Curtain Wall Art

What if you don’t have the budget for a canvas wall art, but there’s a big blank wall at home that’s begging for a decor? Then canvas wall art pieces using shower curtains is a great solution for you! They are not hard to find if you want to have one for your home but don’t have the artistic talent to […]

Decorative Lanterns: 7 Easy Steps to Repurpose Glass Bottles

Glass Bottle Decorative Lantern

Have you been collecting glass bottles for some of the beautiful recycling ideas that you find? Here’s one very easy project that you might want to add to your list! You can turn any of your empty glass bottles into a simple decorative lantern! And the easiest way to do it is to put a cork-shaped LED light in […]

Paint a Porch Rug Playfully With 5 Simple Materials

Outdoor rugs are always an unexpected addition to the backyard. Not only do they provide playful patterns and pops of colour, but they also create a sense of place, making your outdoor space feel warmer and more approachable. But outdoor rugs cost a lot of money – and they are wholly and impossibly impractical. Why? Because even if […]

Beautiful Seashell Coffee Table: Simple 6-Step Project

Seashell Coffee Table

Is yours a beach-loving family? Then this custom table idea is for you!? Making a seashell coffee table is a quick and easy project but what makes this really interesting is how creative your custom table can be. Look at this featured seashell table, made with a 20-inch terracotta pot! It’s filled with styrofoam and […]

Beautiful Glow-In-The-Dark Stepping Stones in 9 Steps

Glow in the Dark Stepping Stones

Worried about tripping every time you walk through your dark garden pathway at night? Make your outdoor safe and stylish with glow-in-the-dark stepping stones. These stones can create illuminated pathways or a decorative garden area. Sure, solar lights make it easier to install lighting outdoors to solve your problem. But here’s another idea that will […]

Charming Optical Illusion Garden Mirror: 10-Step Build

If you have a garden, here’s an excellent way to sprinkle some magic into it. This garden mirror is simple and easy but the result is enchanting. Using an old mirror, you create an illusion of a space that goes beyond your walls. An optical illusion garden mirror adds a unique look to your outdoor […]

Spooky Packing Tape Ghost: Fun 7-Step Project

Packing Tape Ghost

A packing tape ghost is a sure way to give your neighbours a good scare and creep them out. And it’s effortless to make! This DIY ghost decor is suitable as a weekend project since it is a bit time-consuming. However, it’s really easy to make regardless of what kind of ghost you wish to display. Lady ghosts with long dresses are one of […]

Special DIY Mandala Bookshelf: 8-Step Fun Build

There are DIY projects that you just have to do, make, or build. It’s something you simply can’t pass up. This DIY Mandala Bookshelf project is one of them. It’s beautiful and functional you just have to have one of your own. Mandala is a geometrical figure in Buddhist and Hindu symbolism. In Sanskrit, it […]