Intriguing Letter Planter: Decorative 7-Step Project

Want to give your front porch a new look? This DIY letter planter idea would surely give it a more cheerful and fresh look! Transform your front door area from a rather dull look to a bright and happy one with this DIY letter planter. It’s easy to build and different from the usual planter that […]

How to Build a Wood Block Clock

My sister-in-law has a penchant for clocks. She likes them in all shapes and sizes. In fact, there’s an entire wall in their house that’s dedicated to her collection of clocks. They’re set to different time zones and a lot of her guests find them interesting. For her birthday, my husband (her brother) decided to […]

Tiered Clay Pot Centrepiece

Tiered Clay Pot Centerpiece

Clay pots aren’t just for plants and the garden. They can be so much more and here’s one decor idea you can do with them for any occasion! Small clay pots make great table centerpieces. They’re quick and easy to put together, and you can decorate them with just about any idea or accessories. This is also one of […]

How to make an attractive planter from an old tire

Old Tire Planter Main Image

Want a really big flower pot in your garden? Here’s one recycling project you might want to try… turn an old tire into an attractive planter! This tire recycling project may seem challenging but the idea is simple, and you can always get help from friends with the most difficult steps. You can also get smaller tires if you want -they’re […]

Turn old drawers into porch planters

Drawer Planter Main Image

Got a broken dresser or maybe you’ve seen a discarded set of drawers on the street? Those drawers can serve as beautiful planters on your porch! Simply restore those old drawers, add some table legs and you’re drawer planters are ready to accommodate your pretty blooms! You can even use an entire dresser if you have one that […]

Build a pallet wheelbarrow for your garden!

Want to add a unique planter to your garden? Well, go beyond the usual by making this wooden wheelbarrow planter out of pallets! If you have a few excess timbers from a previous wood pallet project, you can put them to good use in this DIY project for your garden! This wooden wheelbarrow made from pallets can […]

How to make an infinity LED mirror

LED Mirror

Have you got a big mirror that you don’t actually use? Why not make it a bedroom decor by turning it into an infinity LED mirror? The kids are most probably the ones to want this DIY project in their bedrooms. But the kids at heart who enjoy science fiction will want it, too! Though not necessarily inexpensive, this infinity mirror is […]

Beautiful Bird Bath from Clay Pots in 9 Steps

Clay Pot Bird Bath Main Image

Is there any garden decor idea where clay pots can’t come in handy? Here’s another easy garden project with clay pots that not only you, but birds will love as well! A bird bath from clay pots. Flower pots are one of the most common items to decorate a garden with as they are easy to […]

Gorgeous Succulent Planters in 11 Practical Steps

Wine Bottle Succulent Planter

Do you want some small, easy to make, succulent planters for your home? Empty wine bottles are one of the most elegant materials you can use! The examples you see below show just how perfectly wine bottles and succulents go together. Cutting bottles can be difficult at first. If this is your first time doing a project with […]

Easy Steps for Garden Light Installation: Brighten Your Outdoors

Easy Steps for Garden Light Installation: Brighten Your Outdoors

Adding lights to your garden not only enhances its beauty but also increases safety and usability after dark. Properly positioned garden lights can truly elevate the ambiance, whether you’re hosting a charming garden party or simply unwinding in the tranquility of your outdoor space. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the easy steps for […]