Cool Patio Umbrella Stand Planter: Create 5-Step Container

Thinking of building a patio umbrella stand planter? Having a large patio umbrella at home is an excellent way to create shade in your outdoor space. It’s a simple and convenient solution that can be easily moved whenever needed or taken with you if you relocate. But why stop there? Yes, imagine transforming it into […]

Beautiful Stepping Stones: Practical 7-Step Recycling Guide

Stepping Stone from Broken China Main Image

Have you broken a piece of your favorite china? Here’s one way you can still ‘keep’ those precious teacups and saucers – make gorgeous stepping stones! It’s an easy cement project even the big kids can help you with. You can get stepping stone kits from your local hardware store or you can simply use Quikrete (if […]

Tranquil Garden Bridge: 6-Step Guide to a Zen Structure

If you have a huge garden, it’s best to “fill it up” so it doesn’t look bare and empty. However, doing so can sometimes be challenging – especially if you want something unique. Fortunately, there are a lot of ideas available on the internet. If you’re passionate about garden decorating, here’s a special project for […]

Affordable Fodder Growing System: Healthy Feed in 8 Steps

DIY Fodder System

If you are raising your own livestock or looking at starting a homestead, you should also look at having your own fodder growing system. Why? Because it offers lots of benefits – for you and your livestock! Being independent at providing food for your animals is a great way to reduce the overall expenses of raising your […]

Flexible Potato Grow Bags: Affordable 7-Step Garden Pots

Potato Grow Bags

Potato grow bags or tater totes offer no-dig convenience and help a lot in growing your own, good-quality spuds! You can buy potato bins from stores, but you can save more or have more potato grow bags for the same cost if you DIY… Making your own potato grow bags is very easy and it brings a number […]

Convenient Wicking Garden Bed Container: 7-Steps Gardening

Wicking Beds

Living in a generally dry area can make growing produce a little more difficult for some gardeners. If you are one of those who want to make sure that your plants are well hydrated, a wicking bed is one idea that will improve your garden. This wicking garden bed container is perfect for small gardens, […]

Strong Custom Cap Stone Fire Pit: Warm Gatherings in 7 Steps

Do you like the idea of being able to unwind in your outdoor space after a hard day’s work? Spending some outdoor time during the night will be much more enjoyable if there is a fire pit to keep you warm. A custom cap stone fire pit is the best kind for any outdoor gathering. […]

How to build a fireplace with bench

Fireplace With Bench Finished Product

Does your backyard look too bare or lack an entertainment area? Here’s a nice idea that you can do to add some life to that space – a bench area with a fireplace! Enjoy the outdoors with friends and family during cooler days of the year with this bench area with a fireplace. Outdoor fireplaces […]

Build Your Own Fire Pit Swing Set

Thinking of improving your outdoor living space? Adding outdoor furniture is great when you have a roof to protect cushions against sudden rain. But if you have a wonderful open space, then this fire pit swing set is perfect for you! A fire pit swing set like this not only adds appeal to your home […]

Turn clay flower pots into a brilliant bird bath

Clay Pot Bird Bath Main Image

Is there any garden decor idea where clay pots can’t come in handy? Here’s another easy garden project with clay pots that not only you, but birds will love as well! Flower pots are one of the most common items to decorate a garden with as they are easy to work with. This easy project is […]