A Great DIY Hand-Held Seed Planter: Plant Smarter, Not Harder

Planting is fun! It can be a great pastime and an effective way to take your mind off things. Plus, it’s satisfying, too, especially when you get to harvest the fruits of your labour. But do you know what takes the fun out of planting? Back pain. However, there’s a simple solution to this problem: […]

Retaining Wall Ideas

Retaining Wall Ideas

Owning a property with slopes would seem to limit the space for your garden or other outdoor functions that you can enjoy. People will tell you areas located on a slope are not the best investment.  Even experts will concede that the landscape design and improvement of such areas require additional labor and financial costs. […]

Build a Raised Garden Bed From Logs

Log Raised Garden Bed Main Image

Thinking of growing your own produce? Raised garden beds offer some significant advantages including ease of access and great drainage. An easy way to make them is with logs. Raised garden beds are loved by many gardeners because they make gardening easier! The raised beds keep plants away from low-lying weeds, keep the soil warmer and make tending a […]

How to Grow a Small Kitchen Garden in Your Backyard

Small Kitchen Garden

Kitchen gardens are gaining popularity as more people now appreciate the value of eating organic food. Besides fresh is always best. In fact, there’s a premium for food prepared with only the freshest ingredients. And what better way to get them than to grow your own herbs and vegetables in your own backyard? Growing a […]

How to make your own vegetable hod

DIY Veggie Hod

If you are growing various vegetables on your property, then a veggie hod is a necessity among your gardening equipment. And you can easily make one yourself! A veggie hod is a simple but very handy gardening item that makes it easier to harvest and bring vegetables to the kitchen! You can make a vegetable […]

Decorate Your Garden by Making These Succulent Balls

Succulent Ball

Growing tired of a lifeless interior? Or maybe your room feels like a blank canvas ready for a dash of color. The best indoor plants can add an excellent point of interest to a room.  They are organic,  clean, and sometimes even sculptural. Plants delight us with their unpredictable but calming, steady presence. Want a […]

Transform Old Crates into a Train Planter

Old Crate Train Planter

Want another fun garden idea? This train planter is easy to make and is just made out of old crates! If you’ve got access to used wooden crates, repurposing them as train planters are one beautiful project you can do with them. It will surely make your yard a happier place, and kids especially will love […]

Trellis and raised garden box combo

Having a small backyard shouldn’t stop you from growing any kind of produce that you want! There are plenty of solutions for backyard gardening but a trellis and raised garden box combination is a very efficient example, especially for anything that likes to climb or needs support. Cucumbers, snap peas, green beans, tomatoes… ah, just think about that fresh, great-tasting, organic food you can […]

DIY Strawberry Cage – A Clever Way to Protect Your Strawberries

Strawberry Cage

Want to stop those darn strawberries from escaping? OK – seriously now, everyone likes strawberries but so do birds, snails, and a heap of other animals.  If growing your own strawberries has been a challenge due to the neighborhood critters getting to them before you do, a strawberry cage is your solution. This featured project is […]

Space-Saving Staircase Vertical Planter

Space-Saving Staircase Vertical Planter Main Image

Improve your backyard garden by making the most out of your space and making tending to your plants easier! Here’s one DIY project that offers both. :) With this staircase vertical planter, you can grow more plants and herbs using less space. This staircase planter also makes work easier since you don’t have to kneel and reach down to […]