How to Build a Garden Bridge

This garden bridge is perfect if you have a body of water in your property.
This garden bridge is perfect if you have a body of water on your property.

If you have a huge garden, it’s best to “fill it up” so it doesn’t look bare and empty. However, doing so can sometimes be challenging – especially if you want something unique. Fortunately, there are a lot of ideas available on the internet. If you’re passionate about garden decorating, here’s a special project for you.

Have you considered putting a garden bridge in your garden? If you haven’t yet because of budget constraints, perhaps you can reconsider. You don’t have to spend $100-250 on one. You can build your very own garden bridge for a much lower price.

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What could be more charming than a small wooden bridge to show off a water feature or help you step over an uneven slope?

Most garden bridges have elaborate railings. Kids will sometimes call them fairy-tale bridges.

This project, however, is all about natural simplicity: a small upward arc and a few deck boards. That’s it!

This is a beautiful way to spice up a typical, boring garden.
This is a beautiful way to spice up a typical, boring garden.

The finished project would be perfect if you have a stream or a small brook right on your property. But if not, it’ll work out just fine.


  • (2) 2x12s hardwood (for support stringers)
  • (13) 2x6s hardwood (for floor planks)
  • (2) 8’ 4×4 treated pine post (for handrails), cut into 6 32” posts
  • 25” Length of bendable conduit (to create an arch guide on stringer)
  • Benjamin-Moore Paint or stain & brushes
  • Wood screws (2” stainless steel)
  • Wood nails
  • Pencil (for marking)


  • Circular saw
  • Jigsaw
  • Electric screwdriver
  • Drill/drill bit (1/2”)
  • Hammer
  • Wood planar
  • Vice/wood clamps

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Do you want to build your own garden bridge? Watch the video below…



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