Durable Earthbag Round House: Solid 7-Step Structure

This interesting home is made from earthbags, also known as sandbags. Sandbags were first used by the military and emergency services teams to build protective structures and for flood control. Now the concept of using earthbags has been applied to housing to create strong and affordable earthbag round house. Earthbags are ideal for making homes […]

Eco-Friendly & Cheap House From Plastic Bottles in 15 Steps

Plastic Bottle House

Here are the reasons why you should consider building a house from plastic bottles and other structures… Plastic bottles are probably not top of mind when you think of building materials. But this recyclable material actually has a number of advantages that make them better than bricks! First, and the most obvious reason, is that a house from […]

Build a Hobbit House in Your Backyard

Backyard Hobbit House

Want an out-of-this-world backyard project? Well, this one’s hard to top if you’re building one in your backyard – your very own hobbit house as your personal refuge! This hobbit house serves as a reading nook for its owner-builders. They also plan on installing a projector and a drop-down screen, making it a tiny tiny ‘home […]

How to Get a Shipping Container

How to Get a Shipping Container

A shipping container can make a wonderful shed, office, hobby room, or even a home. They are a strong and cost-effective material to build structures with. But the question we are continually asked is ‘where do you get them? This article aims to provide you with general information about shipping containers, local building regulations you need to check, and where […]

8 Creative Small Bathroom Design Ideas to Refresh Your Room

Whether you’re doing a full remodel of a small bathroom or just looking for ways to freshen up the look, it can be challenging to find design ideas that maximize the space and offer a luxurious feel. You will probably be tempted to stick with tried-and-true small bathroom design ideas, but the truth is that […]

How to Organize When You Live in a Tiny Home

Living in a tiny house is a delightful challenge. It comes with some limitations in space, but these can easily be remedied with smart, functional design. The simple life becomes the sweet life when you use space-saving organization ideas. Here are some space savers that make organizing a breeze in your tiny home. Folding table […]

Tiny House Camper

Ever wanted to have a camper trailer? How about an absolutely unique one? One that doesn’t need any setup when you get to your favorite camping spot. Your solution, your own tiny house on wheels, is just a few weekends away! Make it a little larger and you might just want to get rid of […]

How to build your own mongolian yurt

Many of us have a fascination with yurts. Maybe it comes from all those tales of Genghis Khan we’ve read! Yurts have a kind of mystical quality in the same way as the tales do. Of course, Genghis Khan  and his direct descendants created one of history’s greatest empires. They did it by travelling at extraordinary […]

The Tiny House Opportunity

The Tiny House Movement

The tiny house movement is gaining a lot of traction in the USA, Canada and Australia. The size of the average home and the consequent deposit gap are major factors. While the following infographic is clearly USA-centric, the message and meaning are just as relevant to every aspiring home-owner, regardless of domicile. Click to Enlarge […]

DIY Cabin

Need a weekend getaway but on a tight budget? Why not build your own cabin! Getting a contractor to build you a cabin can be very expensive. But by building it yourself, you can significantly cut down costs. Construction might take some time, but worth it for the free vacations it can give you! This […]