How to grow potatoes vertically using fencing wire

Wire Fencing Potato Tower

Do you ever feel like there’s never enough garden space for all the plants you want to grow in your yard? It’s one of the challenges of urban living as lot sizes continue to shrink. But a small garden doesn’t have to stop you from growing your own food. The trick is to make sure you maximize whatever […]

How to Make a Floating Faucet Fountain

The sound of running water can be very relaxing. It’s no wonder why a lot of people opt for a water fixture either inside or outside their home. It creates a calming and restful ambiance. If you think putting in a water feature in your home costs a lot of money, think again. Of course, […]

Mario Planter Box – A Great Project for The Gamer in Your Family

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could move our garden around throughout the year? You could do it just because you need a change of scenery, or maybe you want your plants to catch the best sunlight all year round. Planter boxes offer a number of advantages over ground planting. They allow you to better […]

DIY Teapot Fountain – 12 Unique Ideas

Tea Pot Fountain Main Image

Love recycled project ideas? If you do, you’ll surely like this fountain which makes a rustic decor for your garden! However old your teapot looks, you can definitely use it to make an interesting water feature for your yard! You can even use other old and recycled materials to build your unique fountain. It might look […]

Build a City-Proof Garden to Protect Your Produce From Rodents

City Garden

Is gardening in the city proving to be difficult because of rodents? Then city-proof garden project is for you! This city-proof garden is a very simple structure that you can build within a day given the right tools and complete materials. With this garden, your produce safe should be safe from critters while still getting all […]

Vertical Garden from Cinder Blocks

Cinder Block Vertical Garden Main Image

These days, more and more people are discovering the joy of playing in the dirt. Of course, grown-ups might prefer the term “gardening.” Got a dull spot in your yard? A vertical garden will surely solve your problem and it’s very easy to build with cinder blocks! No mortar and mason’s trowel required. All you need […]

6 Amazing Fire Pit Grill Ideas for Your Backyard

Fire Pit Grill Ideas

Are you looking for a nice outdoor cooking idea for your backyard? Why not build a fire pit grill! There are many great reasons to build a fire pit grill – all of them so good that you simply can’t go wrong. No backyard is complete without a few lounging chairs, maybe a pool, a […]

DIY Lawn Aerator

Most homeowners have, at some point, personally experienced the dreaded bare patch on the lawn. No matter how beautiful the rest of our lawn is, those bald spots will always gnaw at your satisfaction. Before attacking these ugly spots with an arsenal of lawn care products, it is important to determine the origin of the […]

How to Build a Collapsible Garden Trellis

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted my own garden. I wanted to own those collapsible and extendable trellises. In my dreams of a perfect garden, there are always trellises. They bring to mind quaint little fairy tale cottages. Of course, you need trellises in a garden for purely decorative purposes. […]

How to Build a Garden Bridge

If you have a huge garden, it’s best to “fill it up” so it doesn’t look bare and empty. However, doing so can sometimes be challenging – especially if you want something unique. Fortunately, there are a lot of ideas available on the internet. If you’re passionate about garden decorating, here’s a special project for […]