Make an adorable stone bird house for your garden!

Stone Bird House

Bring more life – and cheer to your garden by making a cute DIY stone birdhouse! Stone birdhouses bring that fairy tale feel to a garden. Plus they are easy to make! They also last longer than other birdhouses. So if you’re looking for great and unique decor for your garden, then you’ll surely love this little […]

How to Grow a Small Kitchen Garden in Your Backyard

Small Kitchen Garden

Kitchen gardens are gaining popularity as more people now appreciate the value of eating organic food. Besides fresh is always best. In fact, there’s a premium for food prepared with only the freshest ingredients. And what better way to get them than to grow your own herbs and vegetables in your own backyard? Growing a […]

Crafting a Clever Tiered Garden Bed in 12 Simple Steps – Reaching New Heights!

Tiered Garden Bed

Thinking about growing your own food right in your front yard? Although it may appear enticing, it’s likely not the right decision, as the suboptimal location could present challenges to your dreams. But what if your front yard is the only space you have for growing your own produce? Well, this tiered garden bed is a great […]

Build a drip irrigation system for under $50

Watering plants in your garden yourself can cost you valuable time especially if you are tending to a large yard. And sometimes you wastewater since it’s difficult to regulate the amount of water you let flow in your garden. One way you can save time and water is to equip your garden with this drip irrigation system. Farmers have been using […]

Build a Straw Bale Greenhouse!

Straw Bale Greenhouse

A greenhouse made from straw bales? It’s certainly interesting but many would be doubtful about this idea. Yes, it’s affordable (even money-saving for some), environment friendly and provides good insulation. But is it strong enough? The good news is a straw bale greenhouse is just like any other construction project – it could either be a disaster or […]

Turn a wine barrel into a fire pit table!

Wine Barrel Fire Pit Table

Do you have access to empty wine barrels? Here’s a project that will make a beautiful addition to your outdoor area! This upcycled wine barrel can be turned not only into a fire pit but a table as well. It’s so easy to DIY that anyone, with the right tools, can make one! What’s even better […]

Build a City-Proof Garden to Protect Your Produce From Rodents

City Garden

Is gardening in the city proving to be difficult because of rodents? Then city-proof garden project is for you! This city-proof garden is a very simple structure that you can build within a day given the right tools and complete materials. With this garden, your produce safe should be safe from critters while still getting all […]

How to build a fireplace with bench

Fireplace With Bench Finished Product

Does your backyard look too bare or lack an entertainment area? Here’s a nice idea that you can do to add some life to that space – a bench area with a fireplace! Enjoy the outdoors with friends and family during cooler days of the year with this bench area with a fireplace. Outdoor fireplaces […]

Build a tractor rim fire pit for your yard

A fire pit made from a tractor tire rim is one of the easiest fire pit ideas that you can do in your yard! All you have to do is find an old tractor tire rim in your local area and have the center cut out so that you only have the outer round metal. Find a […]

Magical Makeovers: How to Create a Stunning Fairy House from a Tree Stump

Trees add beauty to your landscape, increase property value, and provide shade from the hot summer sun. But dead trees can be an eyesore and need to be removed immediately. They are tripping hazards that are likely to attract pests. But why go through the gruelling task of removing a dead tree stump when you […]