How to Choose the Perfect Bed for Your Bedroom

Without a bed, a bedroom would just be a room. That’s why one of the most important decisions for the bedroom is choosing the right bed. We’ve all probably been through the rookie mistake of going to the home depot and getting whichever bed fits our fancy. And then, sooner or later, we realize the […]

How to turn an old dresser into a seating furniture

Dresser to Bench

Before you drag mismatched chairs, old bookshelves, or worn-out sofas to the curb, remember that creative repurposing can give outdated furnishings a second life as useful, even stylish items. The seat you see here is just one of the many beautiful furniture transformations you can achieve through clever repurposing.  This nice and simple tutorial will […]

How to build a hanging daybed swing

Hanging Daybed Swing

Ahh, a very relaxing hanging daybed! Is there anybody who doesn’t want to have this piece of furniture in their outdoor area? Building a hanging daybed isn’t exactly a quick weekend project! But anybody who’s simply willing to squeeze in a couple of hours every day can make their own hanging daybed swing in a week! This […]

How to build an arbor bench for your garden

Arbor Bench

There are plenty of outdoor furniture pieces for anyone who wants to unwind in their yard. But if you are also looking for an elegant feature for your garden, then an arbor bench is one furniture piece worthy of your consideration. The park-style seats and design of an arbor bench allow you wonderful seating comfort while being open enough […]

8 Awesome Playbeds for Kids

Playbed for Kids

Play ‘plays’ an important part in every child’s well-being. Kids learn a lot through play so it’s important that parents support this kind of activity in every way possible. And one fun way is to build them a play bed! While playing outdoors is encouraged, the weather does not always cooperate with our plans. This kids’ bed idea […]

Build a learning tower for the kids!

DIY Learning Tower

Kids are naturally curious, it’s just in their nature to explore the unknown which could spell trouble sometimes. And they should not lose that sense of wonder and thirst for knowledge, especially during their tender years. But we know that there are instances where it’s just difficult to accommodate their curiosity – especially when you’re cooking, […]

How to build an outdoor wood bench with gabion table

Outdoor Wood Bench Gabion Table

Got a lovely garden? Then this cute DIY furniture might just be the perfect set that would complement your yard! It’s project that falls on the easy DIY ideas category. You don’t need a fully functioning workshop, just some simple tools that can help make clean cuts and surfaces. We all know that repurposing materials is a simple […]

Turn a wine barrel into a fire pit table!

Wine Barrel Fire Pit Table

Do you have access to empty wine barrels? Here’s a project that will make a beautiful addition to your outdoor area! This upcycled wine barrel can be turned not only into a fire pit but a table as well. It’s so easy to DIY that anyone, with the right tools, can make one! What’s even better […]

How to Build Twin Corner Beds With Storage

Twin Corner Storage Bed Main Image

Creating a space for your little ones to play and grow can – and should – be a fun experience. That said, it can also be quite challenging. Creating a beautiful, functional room that your children will love both now and for years to come is a pretty tall order, after all. Need a good […]

Turn old pallets into patio furniture

Pallet Patio Furniture

Want an outdoor furniture set that’s easy to do, easy on the pocket and beautiful? Here’s one idea that checks off all three criteria :) Putting together a furniture set in your garden, patio or deck can seem like a big job and be costly. It can be difficult to come up with a good-looking set up, too, if […]