Create a Compost Sifter in 8 Easy Steps!

This compost sifter will keep the course materials and debris out of your garden beds. You could also use it to sift garden mulch or even rocks out of the soil. The average gardener or DIYer doesn’t need a full-size motorized sifter. Who needs bulky and pricey when you can have compact and cheap? This […]

Build a Swimming Pool From Recycled Pallets in 9 Easy Steps!

Pallet Swimming Pool

Why would you want a swimming pool? Well, the real question probably is why wouldn’t you want a swimming pool? Who says having a swimming pool in your home requires a big budget? We’ve featured dumpster diving before as one low-cost way of creating family pools, but here’s a cheaper project… Of course, it’s the humble pallet again! A […]

Making an Adorable Milk Jug Igloo With Kids – DIY Style 101

Milk Jug Igloo

What a fantastic idea to put all those plastic milk jugs we collect to good use! Building a milk jug igloo provides an exciting and imaginative fort that will surely bring joy to the little ones. :) Ready for hours of fun and creative playtime? Plastic containers are among the most persistent – and prevalent […]

How to Build an Inexpensive Above Ground Plunge Pool in 6 Easy Steps

IBC Pallet Above Ground Plunge Pool

Has the summer heat got you daydreaming of spending all day in a pool? Opting for a beach resort to indulge in such activities is undoubtedly an option, but it often comes with a significant price tag. And the feasibility of making frequent visits becomes challenging when you, like most people, are occupied with a regular work […]

How to Easily Turn a Broken Hose Into a Rug With These 3 Essentials

I haven’t really paid much attention to our rugs. For me, as long as they serve their purpose, I’m good. If ever an old rug needs to be replaced, I go to the nearest store and buy the same kind. After all, they’re all the same, I thought. But, boy, was I wrong. When my […]

Budget-Friendly DIY 101: How to Build a Bottle Privacy Fence With a Twist!

Bottle Privacy Fence Main Image

This DIY screen, a bottle privacy fence, is one of the more creative ideas we’ve seen! If you need to make your outdoor area a little more private, then this repurposing project might just be the solution for you! This unique idea not only adds an artistic touch to your outdoor space, but it’s also […]

Building an Inexpensive Above-Ground Swimming Pool: 3 Essential Components

Inexpensive Above-Ground Swimming Pool

How would you like to have a great-looking above-ground swimming pool in your own yard this summer? As with all things, the quality of the swimming pool that you can have depends on your budget. If you simply want to escape the summer heat, you can make this DIY cheap pallet swimming pool. However, if you intend to […]

How to turn an old dresser into a seating furniture

Dresser to Bench

Before you drag mismatched chairs, old bookshelves, or worn-out sofas to the curb, remember that creative repurposing can give outdated furnishings a second life as useful, even stylish items. The seating furniture you see here is just one of the many beautiful furniture transformations you can achieve through clever repurposing.  This nice and simple tutorial […]

How to make a chalkboard sign using old cabinet doors

Cabinet Door Chalkboard Sign

Got an old cabinet door that you want to ‘get rid of’? Turning it into a chalkboard is a fun little upcycling idea that you can use for so many purposes! And there are several ways to do it as well depending, on what you want to use your DIY chalkboard for. If you want a chalkboard […]

How to turn an old bed base into boxes

Are you planning to replace your current bed with a new one? Now before you throw out or give away that old bed frame, here’s an idea that you might find handy… Build a storage or toy box out of your old bed base! Because who can ever have enough storage? There are always things around the […]

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