How to build a knee wall storage dresser

Are you in need of more storage but don’t have the space for an additional piece of furniture? Perhaps a knee wall dresser is an answer! It won’t eat up any of your floor space as you will be taking advantage of an awkward wall space that normally doesn’t get much use anyway. Building a knee-wall dresser is […]

Platform bed with storage made from kitchen cabinets!

Platform Bed With Storage Made From Kitchen Cabinets

Opportunity comes in many disguises! Platform beds are a great way to create extra storage space in limited areas. They’re also a lot of fun for younger kids, especially if you leave access to the ‘cubby’ in the middle! It’s a bit like giving them their own ‘secret room :) Flat-pack kitchen cupboards are inexpensive, […]

How to build a dresser platform bed from scratch

Dresser Platform Bed

Storage is necessary if you want to keep your home uncluttered. But thoughtfully designed storage can be difficult to find. Each space is as unique as the person who occupies it. Ideally, the shape and function of your storage should fit your needs – not the other way around. Finding a storage unit that perfectly suits all […]

Scaffold Storage System

Scaffold Storage System

Renting an apartment or flat? Who says you have no option but those poorly-built, ugly storage systems from stores? This industrial design shelving system is a way better alternative! While people often overlook the importance of good storage systems when hunting for an apartment, they are a core necessity for an organized life. A rapidly industrialized […]

Build an inexpensive bed with storage using bookcases

DIY Bookshelf Bed

Want a bed with storage that’s also quick and easy to assemble? Then this inexpensive idea just might be what you are looking for… Using bookcases as a bed frame is one easy way to build a bed with storage. You can look at old bookcases sold in thrift stores, however, this can be a bit challenging to find one […]

Wine rack from a recycled pallet

DIY Pallet Wine Rack Main Image

This DIY idea is not only a cheap, simple, and easy-to-do project, but also an elegant way to store wine bottles and glasses! Now we know that some of you prefer storing wine bottles horizontally. This storage idea is perfect for wine lovers who don’t leave their wine unconsumed for too long. :) BUT this pallet wine […]

How To Build A Roll-Out Shelf

When building or remodeling a kitchen, it’s wise to leave space between the wall and the refrigerator in case you ever upgrade to a larger fridge. But the downside is that you create an unusable space that will collect clutter. Click on any image to start the lightbox display. Use your Esc key to close […]

DIY TV Lift Cabinet

Does your living room have a huge flat-screen TV? Is it dominating the room? Wouldn’t it be nice if it was out of view when not in use? Here’s a great solution to make that flat-screen TV disappear when it’s not in use. And you can do it with the hit of a button! This […]

DIY Pot Lid Organizer

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t find the right lid for a pot? Whether it’s because you don’t have a proper storage solution for pot lids, or because your kitchen is just disorganized, here are a couple of simple, inexpensive solutions! These DIY pot lid organizers will save you time and avoid the frustration […]

DIY Knife Block

Looking for a unique gift? Then this DIY knife block should do the trick! This project is not for the average DIYer as it requires access to a CNC machine to cut the pattern in the ply. If you have a very good hand and an equally good jigsaw you should have no difficulty either. […]