Platform bed with storage made from kitchen cabinets!

Platform Bed With Storage Made From Kitchen Cabinets

Opportunity comes in many disguises! Platform beds are a great way to create extra storage space in limited areas. They’re also a lot of fun for younger kids, especially if you leave access to the ‘cubby’ in the middle! It’s a bit like giving them their own ‘secret room :) Flat-pack kitchen cupboards are inexpensive, […]

Scaffold Storage System

Scaffold Storage System

Renting an apartment or flat? Who says you have no option but those poorly-built, ugly storage systems from stores? This industrial design shelving system is a way better alternative! While people often overlook the importance of good storage systems when hunting for an apartment, they are a core necessity for an organized life. A rapidly industrialized […]

Dreamy Duo: 7 Fancy Steps to Craft Space-Saving Twin Corner Beds With Storage

Twin Corner Storage Bed Main Image

Engaging in the art of crafting furniture not only infuses a personal essence into the children’s room but also furnishes a snug and space-smart resolution that is truly ingenious. This approach enables you to maximize the space at your disposal, resulting in a setup that is both practical and visually delightful. Need beds for two […]

Storage Made Smarter: 4 Simple Steps to a Clever Sliding Truck Bed Drawer System

Sliding Truck Bed Drawer System Main Image

Do you like heading off on a road trip in your pickup?? This upgrade project for your vehicle will make getaways even more enjoyable – a sliding truck bed drawer system! Pickup trucks are the ideal companions for adventurous journeys with loved ones. Whether it’s camping or road-tripping the bed offers a convenient spot to […]

How to make a bandsaw box even kids can do

Bandsaw Box

Isn’t this a unique box drawer? Looking at the picture, you’ll think that this little storage is a challenge to make. Quite, but not quite! This is a fun project anyone can easily learn. In fact, even teenagers can make it! And you can definitely make your own design, however crazy your idea might be. […]

DIY 101: TV Lift Cabinet Simplified

Does your living room have a huge flat-screen TV? Is it dominating the room? Wouldn’t it be nice if it was out of view when not in use? Here’s a great solution to make that flat-screen TV disappear when it’s not in use. And you can do it with the hit of a button! This […]

How to Build a Bookshelf Chair in 6 Easy Steps

Bookshelf Chair

Bibliophile… a lover of books! If that describes you, this has to be the perfect chair (well almost, since there’s nowhere to sit your coffee cup)! Pamper yourself with a chill day, lounging on a pile of books in this awesome biblio-chaise, also commonly known as a bookshelf chair!  Well, sort of. All you need is […]

DIY Floating Shelf With Hidden Storage

After graduating from college, I moved to my very first apartment. It was so small – less than 50 m2. When you have limited living space, you do your best to maximize what you have. This is why I love furniture items that double as storage. Today, my husband and I live with our kids […]

How to Build an Under Bed Shoe Organizer

The lack of space can be a real challenge especially when it comes to storage. The key is in your ability to explore all possibilities – every nook and cranny must be put to good use. Also, learn to look for alternatives to bulky furniture. The more you can minimize the use of space, the […]