Build a custom sports equipment storage!

Sports Gear Storage

Does your home look completely disorganized with your kids’ sports gear all over the place? Then this custom sports equipment storage is what you need! Many homeowners don’t usually bother having proper storage for sports equipment. But if you have a serious athlete at home, you should definitely build dedicated storage for all that sports gear. And if you […]

12 reasons why you need an IKEA Raskog Cart

IKEA Raskog Cart Ideas

If there’s one item that you should definitely be spending money on for your home, it’s the Raskog Cart! Why? Here are 12 good reasons that will make you want to get more than just one unit… It’s sturdy and has wheels; a perfect storage unit for all items that are always in use, especially if you […]

How to Build Twin Corner Beds With Storage

Twin Corner Storage Bed Main Image

Creating a space for your little ones to play and grow can – and should – be a fun experience. That said, it can also be quite challenging. Creating a beautiful, functional room that your children will love both now and for years to come is a pretty tall order, after all. Need a good […]

How to make a bandsaw box even kids can do

Bandsaw Box

Isn’t this a unique box drawer? Looking at the picture, you’ll think that this little storage is a challenge to make. Quite, but not quite! This is a fun project anyone can easily learn. In fact, even teenagers can make it! And you can definitely make your own design, however crazy your idea might be. […]

Cordless drill storage and charging station

Cordless Drill Storage And Charging Station Main Image

Whether you are just learning the basics of simple maintenance or are taking on a big project for the house, good cordless tools are essential. Cordless tools used to be heavy, cumbersome behemoths with fat nickel-cadmium batteries. But tool companies have slimmed their products down. These days, cordless tools are compact and powerful. New innovations are […]

DIY Floating Shelf With Hidden Storage

After graduating from college, I moved to my very first apartment. It was so small – less than 50 m2. When you have limited living space, you do your best to maximize what you have. This is why I love furniture items that double as storage. Today, my husband and I live with our kids […]

Recycled Plastic Jug Storage System

Our family has put up a challenge on who can recycle or reuse stuff more. We’ve been doing this for the past year when my son became part of the ‘Save Planet Earth’ movement in their school. There are some things we’ve been able to reuse – grocery store plastic bags, wine bottles, and corks, […]

How to Build an Under Bed Shoe Organizer

The lack of space can be a real challenge especially when it comes to storage. The key is in your ability to explore all possibilities – every nook and cranny must be put to good use. Also, learn to look for alternatives to bulky furniture. The more you can minimize the use of space, the […]

9 tension rod uses for a more organized home!

Tension Rod

Looking for clever storage ideas to organize your home? A tension rod can help you in so many ways! You might call them shower rods, but they’re more than just that! You can use them for other purposes in the bathroom than holding the shower curtain. They’re good for different kitchen storage solutions as well as […]

How to build a bicycle wall hanger

Bike Wall Hanger Main Image

Storing a bicycle can be a challenge in a small space. No cyclist would leave his bike outside in the rain. So if space is a problem indoors, you need to be a little creative. With pedals and handlebars sticking out, just standing them in the hallways is a bad idea. They’ll snag, get knocked […]