How to Add Drawers to Your Staircase

Small spaces don’t get the credit they deserve. Most homeowners will tell you that they’re cozy, convenient, stylish, and low maintenance. But their potential is often overlooked because of the common problems we always associate with tight quarters. Storage is obviously among one of the more common dilemmas of the small home. If storage is […]

How to Build your Own Wine Rack Tower

Wine aficionados, listen up – this one’s for you. This is for a do-it-yourself wine rack tower. Now you can finally store your wine collection in a safe and convenient way. And because it’s DIY, you get to customize it according to your needs and wants. Wine racks ensure that you have a nice bottle […]

How to Turn Bottles into Jars

These days, there’s a strong campaign for protecting Mother Earth. There are a lot of groups that encourage recycling. Seeing that it’s for a good cause, we felt the urge to take part in this advocacy. As our initial step, we decided to minimize the use of plastics. We opted to use eco-bags when doing […]

How to Build a Wheelbarrow Rack

Admit it, wheelbarrows take up a lot of space in whatever room we put them in. But since it’s something that we need, we “tolerate” its presence. I hurt my shin every time someone forgets to put the wheelbarrow back in its proper place. I’ve complained a lot about it to my husband – begged […]

How to Build a Horseshoe Boot Rack

Horseshoe Boot Rack

Shoes and boots are your hardest working accessories, and they aren’t cheap. Despite the expense, however, it is easy enough to fall into the habit of carelessly piling them up inside a closet.  But knowing how to store shoes properly will help you keep them supple and wearable for years. And that can save you […]

How to Add a Picnic Box to Your Bicycle

Bicycles are excellent modes of transportation. They’re environment-friendly and an inexpensive way to get around. Riding a bike is a proven stress-reliever. Regardless of whether you ride purely for pleasure or for exercise, bicycles deliver you to your destination feeling relaxed, energized, and happy. However, bicycles certainly have their limitations. For instance, with a bicycle, […]

Build a custom sports equipment storage!

Sports Gear Storage

Does your home look completely disorganized with your kids’ sports gear all over the place? Then this custom sports equipment storage is what you need! Many homeowners don’t usually bother having proper storage for sports equipment. But if you have a serious athlete at home, you should definitely build dedicated storage for all that sports gear. And if you […]

12 reasons why you need an IKEA Raskog Cart

IKEA Raskog Cart Ideas

If there’s one item that you should definitely be spending money on for your home, it’s the Raskog Cart! Why? Here are 12 good reasons that will make you want to get more than just one unit… It’s sturdy and has wheels; a perfect storage unit for all items that are always in use, especially if you […]

How to make a bandsaw box even kids can do

Bandsaw Box

Isn’t this a unique box drawer? Looking at the picture, you’ll think that this little storage is a challenge to make. Quite, but not quite! This is a fun project anyone can easily learn. In fact, even teenagers can make it! And you can definitely make your own design, however crazy your idea might be. […]

DIY Floating Shelf With Hidden Storage

After graduating from college, I moved to my very first apartment. It was so small – less than 50 m2. When you have limited living space, you do your best to maximize what you have. This is why I love furniture items that double as storage. Today, my husband and I live with our kids […]