Scaffold Storage System

Scaffold Storage System

Renting an apartment or flat? Who says you have no option but those poorly-built, ugly storage systems from stores? This industrial design shelving system is a way better alternative!

Scaffolding Storage System Main Image

While people often overlook the importance of good storage systems when hunting for an apartment, they are a core necessity for an organized life. A rapidly industrialized world coupled with a myriad of technological advances means we often have to contend with less space on one hand and higher accessibility to items on the other.

That’s why keeping our living and workspaces tidy and neatly organized amid a pile of belongings can be a problem. Good storage solutions provide a way out of this quagmire.

This DIY scaffolding storage system is very easy to build, anybody can do it. It is also modular, which means you can always modify or add shelves when the need arises. And because it uses scaffolding tubing, you can rely on this storage system’s strength and stability.

We also love that this shelving doesn’t make a room look cramped as much as a common shelf/storage does. Most renters only have a very small space to work with, and a system like this is perfect since it is not an overwhelming piece of furniture.

Of course, it is also quick and easy to disassemble when it’s time to move out!

What’s not to love about this beautiful storage system?

Learn how to make it now!


  • Scaffolding Tubing
  • Wood Planks


  • Hacksaw
  • Saw
  • Allen Keys
  • Sandpaper/ Varnish
  • Spirit Level
  • Measuring Tape


Scaffold Storage System

The design: I wanted this to be able to store the majority of my things so set about designing a unit that would have sections to accommodate clothes, sports/hobby stuff, and tools. I also added a small desk/workbench for future projects.

I started by doing a simple sketch, keeping in mind the standards lengths I could purchase the scaffolding tubing and planks in to minimize waste material.

Scaffold Storage System

This project is very simple to do, only taking a day or two together. First, cut the tubing to length with a hacksaw.

Scaffold Storage System

Measure out any shelves that aren’t ‘off the shelve’ lengths.

Scaffold Storage System

Cut the planks with a saw.

Scaffolding Storage System

(Optional) I cut V-groves into the small shelves to help them locate on the cross tubes. I set my miter saw to a 45° bevel, engaged the depth stop, and cut. And then finished the cut with a hand saw.

Scaffold Storage System

Sand and finish in your choice of vanish/stains/oils etc.

Scaffold Storage System

Assembly: With everything cut, its time to assemble. The clamps simply tighten together with an Allen key, so the whole unit goes up very quickly!

Scaffold Storage System

I just sat the planks on the crossbars without fixings which works perfectly well. You could also drill some holes and bolt them down…

Scaffold Storage System

Finished and ready to fill with your stuff!!

Cheers for looking.

Thanks to  for this wonderful project!



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