How to Turn a Dresser into a Rustic Kitchen Island Cart

Ugly Dresser to Rustic Kitchen Island

We all dream of a spacious kitchen with sky-high ceilings and spacious counters.  The fact is, most of us have to make do with a cramped kitchen with little counter space. But it doesn’t have to be so bad!  Kitchen island carts are a great solution for homeowners who need extra counter space but don’t have enough room or the budget […]

Build an Eco-Friendly House From Plastic Bottles

Plastic Bottle House

Here are the reasons why you should consider building a house from plastic bottles and other structures… Plastic bottles are probably not top of mind when you think of building materials. But this recyclable material actually has a number of advantages that make them better than bricks! First, and the most obvious reason, is that they are both […]

Adorable DIY Rubber Boot Dog

Art comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes. I realized just how true this is when I saw some people make rubber boot dog. Not the real dogs, of course, but something that qualifies as art. We have a lot of unused pairs of boots on our farm. Somehow, we have managed to collect more […]

How to Turn Broken Hose into a Rug

I haven’t really paid much attention to our rugs. For me, as long as they serve their purpose, I’m good. If ever an old rug needs to be replaced, I go to the nearest store and buy the same kind. After all, they’re all the same, I thought. But, boy, was I wrong. When my […]

Piggy Bank Made From Used Soda Bottles

Plastic bottles find their way into just about every aspect of our daily lives. Manufacturers use them for a gamut of products that range from dishwashing fluid to rubbing alcohol to soda.  You’ll likely spot at least one plastic bottle in the room you are sitting in right now. We use so many plastic bottles […]

Gumball Machine Terrariums!

Gumball Machine Terrarium

There’s something about gumball machines that just makes us love them. They have this sweet and nostalgic appeal and what’s even nicer is that they can be used for other beautiful purposes as well.  Like this gumball machine terrarium project! If you already have a genuine antique gumball machine, you’re lucky as it can be quite expensive even from antique or secondhand […]

Plastic barrel soap box derby cart

Plastic Barrel Soap Box Derby

Playing with toy cars builds a child’s fine motor skills. They develop hand-eye coordination and dexterity in both hands. Sometimes, they even learn more by competing and working as a team. Do you have kids who love cars, who want to enter a soapbox derby competition, or just love being active outdoors? Make them happy […]

How to make a soda bottle fruit picker

Soda Bottle Fruit Picker DIY

Can’t reach the fruits hanging from the higher branches of your trees? Don’t let them go to waste, use a fruit picker! Now why buy one when you can make one out of a soda bottle yourself? This little DIY project costs nothing since all the materials are recycled. If you don’t have a wooden rod, you can […]

How to make brown paper bag flooring

Brown Paperbag Flooring

Have you been wanting to dress your floor with a new look? This DIY project just might be the answer to it. And it doesn’t require flooring experience! If you enjoy dĂ©coupage, you’re sure to have fun with this brown paper bag flooring project. :) Yes – it’s basically just dĂ©coupage on a larger scale! Aside from being easy, […]

Pallet End Table

Pallet End Table

It’s a simple yet stylish furniture piece for your outdoor living area. This end table is another great project using one of our favorite resources to work with… pallets! This DIY furniture is very easy to build. It’s a perfect project for those working with pallets for the first time. And though this article says ‘pallet’, […]