DIY Pallet Headboard: Affordable Decoration in 6 STeps

Here’s another great creation made from recycled pallets. Also another proof that one doesn’t have to be a professional to create something impressive for the home! This headboard was made by an amateur DIYer who is just beginning to learn wood work. His strategy – to go for beautiful yet inexpensive reclaimed wood. Clever! Click on any image to […]

Unique Bike Entry Table: Cheap 8-Step Furniture

There are a lot of DIY plans and ideas for home furnishings out there. One of the most important considerations when deciding which project to tackle is the availability of materials. What do you currently have that will allow you to turn trash into treasure? In my case, it was an old bicycle that’s been […]

Exciting Skateboard Swing: Fun 8-Step Playground Project

DIY Skateboard Swing

Getting your kids – and yourself – off the couch is good for everyone’s physical and mental health. Stepping outside to make the most of the sunshine and fresh air permits exercise even as it gives you more opportunities to bond with your children. And playtime is so much easier when you do not have […]

Save Money with a Root Cellar: 9-Step Upcycling DIY Guide

Old Fridge Root Cellar Main Image

Running out of storage for your produce? If you harvest an abundant amount of root vegetables like potatoes and carrots and/or fruits like apples, making a root cellar with an old refrigerator is a simple, yet effective, storage solution. Root cellars are one of the earliest food storage methods And today, the concept is still […]

Cheap No-Weld Tire Rim Grill: Delicious BBQ in 6-Steps

There are several examples of tire rim grills out there, but this is one of the more elegant versions. And what’s great is that it is also one of the easiest DIY projects you can find. You can definitely make this for yourself regardless of your skill level! This DIY no-weld tire rim grill is made out of […]

Inexpensive Above Ground Plunge Pool in 6 Steps

IBC Pallet Above Ground Plunge Pool

Has the summer heat got you daydreaming of spending all day in a pool? Opting for a beach resort to indulge in such activities is undoubtedly an option, but it often comes with a significant price tag. And the feasibility of making frequent visits becomes challenging when you, like most people, are occupied with a regular work […]

Educational Musical Wall: Fun 8-Step Project

DIY Outdoor Music Wall

Want your little kids to explore and be more active outdoors? Then you’ve got to give them something really fun and entertaining, like this DIY outdoor musical wall! There are many ways to create an outdoor music wall/sound wall. You can use your existing fence or build something to mount the ‘musical instruments’ on, such […]

DIY Glass Bottle Cutter for Cool Projects: 7-Step Guide

Breathe new life into old glass bottles and turn them into cute, artsy pieces for the house by building a glass bottle cutter. Shopping for the house is a whole lot of fun until you realize how much you’ve spent. We’re all guilty of this when it comes to buying. We see something and think […]

Handy Outdoor Garden Sink: 4 Creative Fixture Ideas

Cable Spool Sink

Now here’s a great idea for an outdoor kitchen or garden! An outdoor garden sink for access to water or a place to wash your hands. Many kinds of outdoor sinks can be decorative such as ones made from a wooden cable spool. Unlike your simple lawn furnishings, these sinks can make gardening more convenient. […]

Cool Wine Barrel Coffee Table: Unique 1-Day Build Decor

DIY Wine Barrel Coffee Table

Building a wine barrel coffee table is a fun upcycling idea that even new builders can do as their first project. Learn how to build this wine barrel coffee table. This is not just a stylish wine barrel coffee table. it’s also spacious storage for keeping miscellaneous items in the living room. So if you are looking to improve your living […]