DIY Wine Barrel Coffee Table – Unique Living Room Centerpiece

DIY Wine Barrel Coffee Table

Building a wine barrel coffee table is a fun upcycling idea that even new builders can do as their first project. Learn how to build this wine barrel coffee table. This is not just a stylish wine barrel coffee table. it’s also spacious storage for keeping miscellaneous items in the living room. So if you are looking to improve your living […]

How to make a soda bottle fruit picker

Soda Bottle Fruit Picker DIY

Can’t reach the fruits hanging from the higher branches of your trees? Don’t let them go to waste, use a fruit picker! Now why buy one when you can make one out of a soda bottle yourself? This little DIY project costs nothing since all the materials are recycled. If you don’t have a wooden rod, you can […]

How to make brown paper bag flooring

Brown Paperbag Flooring

Have you been wanting to dress your floor with a new look? This DIY project just might be the answer to it. And it doesn’t require flooring experience! If you enjoy découpage, you’re sure to have fun with this brown paper bag flooring project. :) Yes – it’s basically just découpage on a larger scale! Aside from being easy, […]

Build a tractor rim fire pit for your yard

A fire pit made from a tractor tire rim is one of the easiest fire pit ideas that you can do in your yard! All you have to do is find an old tractor tire rim in your local area and have the center cut out so that you only have the outer round metal. Find a […]

How to Make a Dartboard Cabinet using Pallets

Pallet Dartboard Cabinet

Do you like playing darts at home? Here’s a nice and easy DIY Dartboard Cabinet project for you! Darts is a fun game to play but dart sets should be set up with extra care. Setting them up in the wrong place might cause damage or injuries. These can happen if your darts set aren’t stored properly, […]

How to Turn a Dresser into a Rustic Kitchen Island Cart

Ugly Dresser to Rustic Kitchen Island

We all dream of a spacious kitchen with sky-high ceilings and spacious counters.  The fact is, most of us have to make do with a cramped kitchen with little counter space. But it doesn’t have to be so bad!  Kitchen island carts are a great solution for homeowners who need extra counter space but don’t have enough room or the budget […]

Building an Inexpensive Above-Ground Swimming Pool: 3 Essential Components

Inexpensive Above-Ground Swimming Pool

How would you like to have a great-looking above-ground swimming pool in your own yard this summer? As with all things, the quality of the swimming pool that you can have depends on your budget. If you simply want to escape the summer heat, you can make this DIY cheap pallet swimming pool. However, if you intend to […]

Turn an old dresser into a doll house

Old Dresser Doll House

Before ‘The Sims’ there were Dollhouses! There’s something about dollhouses that appeals to both kids and adults. When it comes to these playtime activities, everyone is a kid at heart. If you’re someone who likes dollhouses (or The Sims), here’s a brilliant recycling idea you are going to love! Do you have an old and […]

How to build a stove from recycled tire rim

Recycled Tire Rim Stove

Here’s another tire rim project you might want to do for your backyard cooking! It’s a simple stove made out of four tire rims with steel tube legs. Compared to other DIY tire rim outdoor cookers this stove is more comfortable to use for its height. And because this DIY stove consists of more tire rims, it has slightly […]

Build a seesaw from a repurposed tire

DIY Tire Seesaw

Why let your kids wait for a trip to the playground when they can play anytime right in your own yard? Here’s one project with old tires which will surely make them happy – a DIY tire seesaw/teeter-totter! This DIY project is a great alternative to the usual, metal seesaws you can buy. A tire seesaw […]