Turning a Suitcase into a Pet Bed: Cheap 7-Step Project

Turn your old suitcase into a new bed for your beloved pet!
Turn your old suitcase into a new bed for your beloved pet!

Some large items are not very easy to dispose of. Instead of throwing them away and adding garbage to our already polluted environment, it’s best to just recycle. What you consider trash can be turned into treasure.

We have several pieces of old suitcases sitting in the attic. I came across them again while I was doing my spring cleaning. I’ve been trying to ignore their existence for the longest time because I didn’t know what to do with them. I sought the help of the Internet and it gave me this project. Turning a suitcase into a pet bed.

This do-it-yourself pet bed is made out of an old suitcase. With some spray paint and the addition of coffee table legs and a cushion, voila, our pet cat Mogwai has a new sleeping spot. And let me tell you, she loved it!

Turning a Suitcase into a Pet Bed


  • 1 suitcase
  • 4 coffee table legs
  • 4 nuts
  • 4 washers
  • Spray paint
  • Cushion


  • Drill with drill bit
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Marker


Prepare the Suitcase

  • Clean the suitcase thoroughly, both inside and out, to ensure no dirt or debris remains. Allow it to dry completely.

Marking for Leg Placement

  • Open the suitcase and place it in its future position (open or closed based on your preference). Use a ruler and marker to measure and mark where you will attach the coffee table legs. Ensure the marks are evenly spaced and symmetrical for stability.

Drilling Holes for Legs

  • Attach a suitable drill bit to your drill. Drill holes at the marked spots. These holes should be slightly smaller than the screw part of your coffee table legs to ensure a tight fit.

Attaching the Legs

  • Insert a washer on each screw of the coffee table legs. Then, thread the screws through the drilled holes from the outside to the inside of the suitcase. Secure each leg with a nut tightened against the inside of the suitcase. Ensure all legs are securely attached and the suitcase is stable.

Painting the Suitcase

  • If you wish to customize the color of your suitcase, use spray paint suitable for the suitcase’s material. Spray evenly in a well-ventilated area, applying multiple light coats rather than a single heavy one. Allow the paint to dry completely between coats.

Adding the Cushion

  • Measure the interior bottom of the suitcase. Cut the cushion to size if necessary using scissors. Place the cushion inside the suitcase, ensuring it fits snugly. You can also cover the cushion with a soft, washable fabric that complements the color of the painted suitcase.

Final Touches

  • Add any additional decorations such as name tags, fabric trims, or toys attached to the suitcase to make it more inviting for your pet.

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Choosing the Right Suitcase

One imaginative and long-lasting approach to recycle something you may otherwise throw away is to make a pet bed out of an old suitcase. Selecting the appropriate luggage for the project is essential to a transition gone correctly. Here, we’ll walk you through choosing the perfect luggage to convert a suitcase into a pet bed so your furry friend may have both comfort and flair.

Consider Your Pet’s Size

The size of your pet is quite important while selecting a suitcase into a pet bed. Your dog should be able to lie down, turn around, and stretch out comfortably in the suitcase. Little dogs or cats may be able to get by with a regular carry-on. You’ll need to search for larger suitcases, though, maybe a full-sized travel suitcase, for bigger breeds.

Hardshell vs. Softshell Suitcases

One may make a pet bed out of both hardshell and softshell bags. If your pet prefers to leap into their bed, hardshell luggage offer a strong, easily cleaned frame that can handle extra weight. Conversely, because they are flexible, softshell luggage may be more comfortable and manageable. Choose a kind of suitcase to convert into a pet bed by taking into account the routines and tastes of your pet. 

Structural Integrity

The condition of the suitcase is crucial when converting it into a pet bed. Ensure the suitcase is free of significant damage such as cracks or tears that could harm your pet. It should be stable enough to hold the weight of your pet without collapsing. A well-maintained suitcase also ensures the pet bed will last longer and remain safe for your pet to use.

Aesthetics Matter

Considering that the luggage will eventually become a part of your house decor, pick a design that goes well with your style. Though modern luggage could seem better in a modern setting, vintage suitcases can provide a delightful retro touch. The way you arrange a suitcase to become a pet bed can have a big impact on how the room looks overall.

Ease of Transformation

Some luggages include features that facilitate their conversion into pet beds. Flat bottom suitcases work better since they offer a solid foundation on which to place a cushion and legs. Think also on how easy the material is to clean and if you can quickly modify the luggage without needing a lot of tools or expertise.

Taking these things into account when selecting the ideal suitcase to convert into a pet bed will guarantee that the finished result is not only useful but also a beautiful addition to your house. This project gives an outdated object new life and offers your pet a cozy and fashionable place to relax.

Customization Ideas

Turning an old suitcase into a pet bed allows you to unleash your creativity while providing a cozy spot for your pet. Customizing the pet bed not only tailors it to your pet’s needs but also ensures it fits seamlessly into your home decor. 

Here are several customization ideas that can help you transform a suitcase into a pet bed that is both functional and stylish.

Choose a Theme

Select a theme that reflects your pet’s personality or matches the room’s decor where the suitcase pet bed will be placed. For example, a nautical theme could include blue and white stripes with a plush anchor toy, while a bohemian style might feature vibrant colors and intricate patterns. A themed approach when turning a suitcase into a pet bed can make it a striking feature in your home.

Fabric Choices

The choice of fabric for the cushion inside the suitcase into a pet bed is crucial for comfort and aesthetics. Opt for durable, washable fabrics that can withstand regular cleaning. Soft fabrics like fleece or cotton are comfortable for your pet, while a stylish upholstery fabric can elevate the overall look of the pet bed.

Decorative Elements

Enhance the visual appeal of the suitcase into a pet bed with decorative elements. Consider adding wooden or metallic name plates, decorative buttons, or custom patches. Embellishments like these not only personalize the pet bed but also integrate it more fully into your home’s design scheme.

Functional Add-Ons

For added functionality, you might want to attach a small fabric pouch on the side of the suitcase pet bed to hold pet toys or grooming supplies. Also, consider a removable top cover or additional pillows that can add comfort and make cleaning easier. These functional add-ons enhance the usability of the suitcase pet bed and make it a practical addition to your living space.

With these tips for turning the luggage into a pet bed, you can give your pet a special and cozy haven that doubles as a talking point in your house. Ensuring your pet sleeps in comfort and style, this fun project combines creativity with practicality.

Turning a suitcase into a pet bed.
This is a very simple and easy project with adorable – and useful – results.

Safety Tips

Ensuring the safety of your pet is paramount when transforming a suitcase into a pet bed. While the project allows for creativity, it’s crucial to consider several safety aspects to create a secure and comfortable space for your pet. Here are some essential safety tips to keep in mind while converting a suitcase into a pet bed.

Check for Hazards

Before starting the transformation of the suitcase into a pet bed, inspect the suitcase thoroughly for any potential hazards. Remove any sharp edges, loose threads, or small parts like buckles and locks that could be chewed off and ingested. Ensuring the suitcase is free of these dangers is the first step in creating a safe pet bed.

Use Non-Toxic Materials

When painting or decorating the suitcase into a pet bed, always opt for non-toxic, pet-safe paints and adhesives. Pets might chew on parts of their bed, and using non-toxic materials prevents any risk of poisoning. Always let paint and glue dry completely before allowing your pet to use the bed.

Ensure Stability

The legs and any added components to the suitcase into a pet bed should be securely attached to prevent them from coming loose. If the suitcase lid remains open, make sure it is securely fixed in place to avoid accidental closures that could hurt your pet. Stability not only prevents injuries but also helps your pet feel secure in their new bed.

Choose the Right Bedding

Selecting the right cushion and bedding material is crucial when turning a suitcase into a pet bed. Use materials that are not only comfortable but also easy to clean and hypoallergenic. Regular washing of the bedding will minimize the risk of allergies and skin infections, keeping your pet healthy and happy.

Regular Maintenance Checks

Regularly inspect the suitcase into a pet bed for any wear and tear. Look out for any new sharp edges or loose parts that could harm your pet. Regular maintenance ensures that the pet bed remains a safe haven for your pet over time.

By following these safety tips when creating a suitcase into a pet bed, you can ensure a safe, comfortable, and stylish resting place for your pet that you both will love.


Turning a suitcase into a pet bed is a creative and sustainable way to repurpose an old item while providing comfort for your pet. This project not only adds a unique touch to your home decor but also showcases your commitment to eco-friendly practices. With the right materials and a bit of imagination, you can craft a cozy and safe haven that your pet will cherish.



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