How to Make a Cloud Lamp

I have a 7-year old niece who I regularly talk to over Facetime because she lives in a different state. Our usual topics include her love for Barbie and dollhouses. Yesterday, I was surprised to hear her talk nonstop about the sky. She’s fascinated by anything found up there – the clouds, stars, moon, rainbow, […]

DIY Bike Entry Table

  There are a lot of DIY plans and ideas for home furnishings out there. One of the most important considerations when deciding which project to tackle is the availability of materials. What do you currently have that will allow you to turn trash into treasure? In my case, it was an old bicycle that’s […]

DIY Lace-Like Stepping Stones

There is no reason why stepping stones have to be just functional. This project lets you create a unique piece for your garden! The idea behind these stepping stones was truly a Eureka moment. The owner found fifteen square stepping stones buried beneath the soil from their previous project. And while strolling through a secondhand store […]

DIY Vinyl Record Frame

Despite the advent of digital music, some of us have a hard time letting go of vinyl records. That’s understandable. After all, they are such a huge part of our growing up years. Plus, the covers are just too beautiful they actually double as works of art.   If you want to be able to […]

10 things you can make with horseshoes!

Horseshoe Crafts

In rustic decor designs, one might have stumbled over some horseshoes more than once. Horseshoes are a vibrant, meaningful symbol in many cultures and easy to acquire. Using horseshoes for home decor can be traced to a tradition that goes way back. In the old days, people believed nailing a horseshoe on your door protects […]

DIY Concrete Path Mold

Concrete pathways are great additions to your outdoor area. When done right and maintained well, these pathways are sure to last for many years. If you’re planning on building your own concrete path at home, this DIY project is for you. Concrete pathways are great additions to your outdoor area. When done right and maintained […]

Make a miniature stone fairy house

Miniature Stone Fairy House

Did you like the fairy gardens collection we’ve shown you in the past? Then you’re going to love this idea too! Stone houses possess that enchanting and magical beauty which makes miniature versions of them perfect for fairy gardens! Making fairy houses is a hobby suitable for all age groups and fitness levels. Most of the materials can be […]

The same, cheap table… unlimited mood settings!

Modifying Table

Take a $9.99 table, a craft knife, and a little imagination and you can have a different coffee or side table – or both – every day of the year! The ever-present Ikea brand Lack side table costs little more than a takeaway pizza, yet it’s surprisingly sturdy and longlasting. The only thing wrong with […]

From guest room to nursery – when nature steps in!

Elsa's room finished!

We cannot avoid the unexpected events in our lives. These events challenge us and force us to innovate. When we choose to ignore the challenge, we deny ourselves the opportunity to learn, have fun, and be creative! This makeover started almost a year ago and was completed last fall, but I just came around to […]

Turn wine bottles into gorgeous succulent planters!

Wine Bottle Succulent Planter

Do you want some small, easy to make, succulent planters for your home? Empty wine bottles are one of the most elegant materials you can use! The examples you see below show just how perfectly wine bottles and succulents go together… Cutting bottles can be difficult at first. If this is your first time doing a project with […]