DIY Love Shelf

My teenage daughter is obsessed with DIY projects. She has taken on several decorating tasks using inspiration she got from one particular site. I encourage this creative side of her. In fact, her father and I are very thankful that she does things by herself. This means we get to save money. One of the […]

How to Build a Wood Block Clock

My sister-in-law has a penchant for clocks. She likes them in all shapes and sizes. In fact, there’s an entire wall in their house that’s dedicated to her collection of clocks. They’re set to different time zones and a lot of her guests find them interesting. For her birthday, my husband (her brother) decided to […]

Make gorgeous stepping stones from broken china

Stepping Stone from Broken China Main Image

Have you broken a piece of your favorite china? Here’s one way you can still ‘keep’ those precious teacups and saucers – make gorgeous stepping stones! It’s an easy cement project even the big kids can help you with. You can get stepping stone kits from your local hardware store or you can simply use Quikrete (if […]

From guest room to nursery – when nature steps in!

Elsa's room finished!

We cannot avoid unexpected events in our lives. These events challenge us and force us to innovate. When we choose to ignore the challenge, we deny ourselves the opportunity to learn, have fun, and be creative! This makeover started almost a year ago and was completed last fall, but I just came around to putting […]

DIY Concrete Pendant Lights

One of the best ways to update a space is to add lighting. A great idea would be to use lighting fixtures that can double as art pieces. However, designer lighting can get pretty expensive. But you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars so you can have a set of stylish lights. With a […]

DIY Concrete Path Mold

Concrete pathways are great additions to your outdoor area. When done right and maintained well, these pathways are sure to last for many years. If you’re planning on building your own concrete path at home, this DIY project is for you. Concrete pathways are great additions to your outdoor area. When done right and maintained […]

Turn a glass bottle into a simple decorative lantern

Glass Bottle Decorative Lantern

Have you been collecting glass bottles for some of the beautiful recycling ideas that you find? Here’s one very easy project that you might want to add to your list! You can turn any of your empty glass bottles into a simple decorative lantern! And the easiest way to do it is to put a cork-shaped LED light in […]

Make a cute fairy house from an ugly tree stump

Trees add beauty to your landscape, increase property value, and provide shade from the hot summer sun. But dead trees can be an eyesore and need to be removed immediately. They are tripping hazards that are likely to attract pests. But why go through the grueling task of removing a dead tree stump when you […]

How to make a letter planter

Want to give your front porch a new look? This DIY letter planter idea would surely give it a more cheerful and fresh look! Transform your front door area from a rather dull look to a bright and happy one with this DIY letter planter. It’s easy to build and different from the usual planter that […]

How to make a hanging basket planter

Hanging Basket Planter

Certain corners in your home can easily become a neglected spaces. Since these places are not usually a place to entertain guests or hang out, you’ll naturally tend to keep it bare and focus your decorating efforts on other spaces. Hanging baskets are an effective way of bringing a boring spot in your home to life. […]