LED Mirror

How to make an infinity LED mirror

Have you got a big mirror that you don't actually use? Why not make it a bedroom decor by turning it into an infinity LED mirror? The...
Cordwood Fences

Cordwood Fences!

Want to add some privacy to your yard? Here's an interesting idea for a fence that you might want to consider! It's an inexpensive project for...
Cable Spool Sink

Turn a wooden cable spool into an outdoor kitchen or garden...

Now here's a great idea for an outdoor kitchen or garden! Turn a wooden cable spool into a kitchen sink to make your outdoor...


Backyard Hobbit House

Build a hobbit house in your backyard

Want an out-of-this-world backyard project? Well, this one's hard to top if you're building one in your backyard - your very own hobbit house as...



All-in-One Smokehouse, Pizza Oven and Grill

Build an all-in-one smokehouse, pizza oven and grill in your backyard!

Do you want to try all kinds of outdoor cooking but have limited backyard space? Then this project just might be for you! It's...


Whimsical Garden Tool Shed

Build your own whimsical garden tool shed

Need a proper storage for all your garden tools? Here's an easy, inexpensive and unique idea for you - a whimsical garden tool shed! While most...
Portable Lumber Rack

Build an easy portable lumber rack

It's always nice to find good timber that we can save and use for future projects. But what's NOT nice is if our lumber pile starts...
DIY Drill Press

How to build a drill press for $20

Here's a nice little project for all the DIY-ers out there - a DIY drill press that costs only $20! Every builder would agree that it's more...
PVC Drill Storage

How to build a PVC drill storage unit

Here's another quick project to help organize your workshop! This time we're talking about storage for drills. PVC pipes make good, easy-access holsters for all your cordless...


Build a sliding serving center perfect for backyard gatherings!

Rolling Cooler Cart
What's outdoor entertaining without a bar? If you don't have one in your backyard or patio, then this DIY outdoor bar with built-in cooler...

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