DIY Wrap-Around Desk: Affordable Workstation in 6 Steps

If you’re looking for a home office project, this one could be for you. This wrap-around desk will give you some great work space and an individual look. Building a Wrap-Around Desk Materials Tools Steps Make the long diagonal cut all the way through the sheet from a point 2 feet from the corner along one […]

Jazzy & Cool Guitar Stool For Home Bars: 9-Step Project

There’s a particular kind of wizardry that comes with seeing things for what they can be, rather than what they are. You can build things that put smiles on people’s faces, and make them think. This guitar stool is a perfect example. It doubles as a chair and as a decorative element. I imagine this […]

Old Crib Toddler Bed: Save Money in 7 Steps

Crib Turned Toddler Bed Main Image

On a regular basis, parents have to confront the daunting task of getting rid of growing children’s baby stuff. If we didn’t, we’d probably be buried alive, but letting go of outgrown toys and furniture can be both emotionally taxing and wasteful. Fortunately, an old crib toddler bed is a good way of bringing new […]

Charming Bench Around a Tree: Detailed 7-Step Guide

Bench Around Tree Samples

If you have a tree in your yard and you like lounging under its shade, here’s a great DIY furniture project you’ll love – a bench around your tree! This DIY bench around a tree project doesn’t only provide shaded seating, it also improves the look of your yard by accentuating your precious tree! It’s simple and easy to […]

Comfortable Double Chair Bench: Affordable 8-Step Project

Double Chair Bench With Table

What’s your idea of a great way to relax outdoors? For many, it is as simple as sitting on a comfortable chair with some drinks and snacks. How do you make it better? With a double chair bench! If you enjoy lounging outdoors after a long day or during weekends, then here’s a piece of […]

Build a Beautiful Cable Spool Bench With These Top 5 Design Options

Wire Spool Garden Bench

Looking for nice outdoor furniture for your porch or garden? Here’s a DIY outdoor cable spool bench that’s not only cheap but also sturdy and pretty if you’re into rustic furniture! This cable spool bench is made from an empty wooden cable reel and a pallet assembled in a simple yet stylish manner. If you can get […]

DIY VW Micro-Bus Bunk Bed and Playhouse: Fun 1-Day Build

Are you a VW fan or just one who loves clever ideas? If you’re either, this clever VW micro-bus bunk bed and Playhouse is a great project. The bed is a gift to a three-year-old nephew whose father is a mega VW fan. The VW micro-bus bunk bed idea was easy, but finding suitable plans […]

Exciting Picnic Table and Sandbox Combo in 8 Steps

Kids Picnic Table with Sandbox

Want to give your kids a sandbox or a sandpit but don’t have enough room for it at home? If you do, why don’t you make them a picnic table and sandbox combo? This piece of DIY furniture is a clever solution for those who have a small backyard. You can even move it back inside to […]

8 Awesome Playbeds for Kids

Playbed for Kids

Play ‘plays’ an important part in every child’s well-being. Kids learn a lot through play so parents must support this kind of activity in every way possible. And one fun way is to build them a playbed! A playbed offers a unique and imaginative space where children can immerse themselves in endless adventures, transforming ordinary bedtime routines into […]

DIY PVC Table: Solid Work Table in Less Than $25


Need a REALLY wide table for you to work on? Buying one can be expensive. This DIY PVC table solves your budget concern, plus it’s relatively easy to build! It’s ideal for those who work with a team that needs more than one unit as each only costs around $74. Imagine the amount of money saved […]

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