DIY VW Micro-Bus Bunk Bed and Playhouse: Fun 1-Day Build

Are you a VW fan or just one who loves clever ideas? If you’re either, this clever VW micro-bus bunk bed and Playhouse is a great project. The bed is a gift to a three-year-old nephew whose father is a mega VW fan. The VW micro-bus bunk bed idea was easy, but finding suitable plans […]

Exciting Picnic Table and Sandbox Combo in 8 Steps

Kids Picnic Table with Sandbox

Want to give your kids a sandbox or a sandpit but don’t have enough room for it at home? If you do, why don’t you make them a picnic table and sandbox combo? This piece of DIY furniture is a clever solution for those who have a small backyard. You can even move it back inside to […]

8 Awesome Playbeds for Kids

Playbed for Kids

Play ‘plays’ an important part in every child’s well-being. Kids learn a lot through play so parents must support this kind of activity in every way possible. And one fun way is to build them a playbed! A playbed offers a unique and imaginative space where children can immerse themselves in endless adventures, transforming ordinary bedtime routines into […]

DIY PVC Table: Solid Work Table in Less Than $25


Need a REALLY wide table for you to work on? Buying one can be expensive. This DIY PVC table solves your budget concern, plus it’s relatively easy to build! It’s ideal for those who work with a team that needs more than one unit as each only costs around $74. Imagine the amount of money saved […]

Building an Efficient Scaffold Storage System in 2 Basic Steps

Scaffold Storage System

Renting an apartment or flat? Who says you have no option but those poorly built, ugly storage systems from stores? This industrial-design shelving system is a way better alternative! While people often overlook the importance of good storage systems when hunting for an apartment, they are a core necessity for an organized life. A rapidly industrialized […]

Beautiful Seashell Coffee Table: Simple 6-Step Project

Seashell Coffee Table

Is yours a beach-loving family? Then this custom table idea is for you!? Making a seashell coffee table is a quick and easy project but what makes this really interesting is how creative your custom table can be. Look at this featured seashell table, made with a 20-inch terracotta pot! It’s filled with styrofoam and […]

Turn a Door Into Shelves in 4 Simple & Straightforward Steps

Bookshelf Door

Here’s an awesome idea: if you want more shelving in your small space, if you want to ‘hide’ a private room, or if you just want to have an awesome door you can talk about with guests. Turn a door into a set of shelves! (Or should that read: Turn some shelves into a door! […]

Charming Tractor Seat Bar Stool: Simple 6-Step Build

Tractor Seat Bar Stools

Baring it all takes a lot of courage, and modern industrial interior design is about exposing all that lies beneath to achieve a raw, unassuming but edgy style. A tractor seat bar stool is an example of this kind of furniture. What other styles seek to conceal, the industrial theme boldly puts on display. The […]

How to Build a Sturdy Bench From Crates With 6 Simple Materials

I visited a friend’s house the other day to catch up and talk about our business plans. She has started selling fruits and vegetables in this little corner of a commercial building. She mentioned wanting to get a decent stall. I was really interested in partnering with her when she brought it up, so I […]

Building a DIY Floating Picnic Table in 6 Fun Steps

Floating Picnic Table

Why buy a costly boat when you can DIY a floating picnic table? It’s easy to build and an extraordinary way to spend some time on the lake! This clever mechanism has a lot of great features that would make many of us want to own one. It serves as a picnic table and a pontoon at the same time. […]