Save money on your energy costs this winter with these easy hacks…

Oil column heater

As winter encroaches, you might be tempted to stay indoors and crank up the heating. That will certainly keep you nice and cosy, but you will probably feel a real chill when the energy bill arrives. Burning through your hard-earned money isn’t the only way to stay warm. In fact, the following hacks will help […]

11 Easy Ways to Prevent Storm Runoff Damaging Your Property!

Even if you’re a global warming skeptic, you’d have to agree we seem to be having more extreme weather events. There are drier periods followed by excessive rain. Vicious, damaging storms, horrendous heatwaves, extensive droughts. These extremes have the potential to ravage your yard. The excessive dry periods – typically accompanied by heat – weaken […]

Yes! Use Your Bike as a Backup Power Source…

Storm damaged tree

It would be a rare household that has not experienced a loss of power following a storm. Lightning strikes, powerful winds and even water ingress can knock out homes, streets and even suburbs. And, depending on the severity of the storm, it can take days for power to be restored. Perhaps the greatest need today, […]

Growing and Caring for Roses: All You Need to Know

A beautiful rose garden is super easy to start and maintain, even if you are a novice gardener or enthusiast. The secret to success in growing and caring for roses is to provide the shrubs with everything they need. If you are ready to enjoy the blossoms in your garden, keep on reading. In this […]

Laser Cut Screens For Solid Privacy: 9 Handy Uses

Laser cut privacy screen in Corten steel

When you read ‘screens’, do you think ‘privacy’? Laser cut screens are often used to build beautiful, artistic privacy fencing . But this single use barely scratches the surface of the DIY projects that flat, uniform, metal screens make possible. Laser cut screens are a versatile building material with uses limited only by your imagination. […]

Damn! Another chip in the windshield…

Windscreen chip

So there I am, driving down the highway when WHACK, a passing truck throws a rock into my windshield. Judging by the noise, it had to be a brick! But the reality is that it was probably little more than a pebble. The truck is doing 100kph (assuming it’s obeying the road rules) and I […]

Carbon Monoxide – the silent killer

How safe is your home? It’s easy to recognize risks when you can actually sense them – a wet floor, unusual sounds, or a leaking propane tank. But what if the danger lies in something you couldn’t see, hear, or smell? Carbon monoxide is invisible, tasteless, and odourless. It exists and it is very, very […]

Make a beautiful end table from scrap timber pieces!

It’s amazing how something incredibly beautiful can come from things we label as trash or scrap. Take this end table as an example! It hasn’t come from a high-end furniture shop. In fact, it’s made from bits of scrap timber that 99% of us would trash. Just think of all those offcuts you’ve binned! Heck, […]

How to keep your deck looking great!

Unless you’re living at one of the poles, an outdoor entertainment area should be an integral part of family life. In our experience, the easiest and most attractive way to get that area is by building a timber deck. And remember that a nice deck does a lot more than enhance your lifestyle… it can also […]

This homemade ‘Dog Train’ takes rescued puppies on outdoor adventures!

Every week, in a town near Fort Worth, Texas, a plastic barrel train carrying nine happy dogs can be seen roaming around the streets. But what makes this sight even more heartwarming is the story behind it. Eighty-year-old Eugene Bostick retired 15 years ago, but now he’s back doing one of the happiest ‘jobs’ you […]