Cat Castles To Keep Your Indoor Cat Busy

Do you have a cat at home that you want to keep from climbing your furniture? A cat castle like any of these is sure to do the trick! All pets need a place of their own indoors, just like every family member needs their own space. Cats, specifically, love spending time in high places which is why a […]

The Transatron Project by Patrick Buckle

Having purchased a small vacant block of land I was keen to find an affordable and comfortable solution to make use of the beautiful mountain location and escape the city for weekends and holidays. After a career of building things to be delivered quickly and efficiently in theatre, I began a search for compact and […]

Steampunk iPhonograph Portasound

Steampunk iPhonograph Portasound by BricabracWizard

by guest blogger BricabracWizard (Michael Greensmith) Steampunk came about in the late ’80′s. Basically coined as Victorian science fiction. With that in mind I decided to create an old fashioned music player with new fang dangled equipment. The first step was finding a box to encase the equipment in. I found this old indoor bowls case by the […]

How To Build A Cigar Box Guitar

Easy to make and learn as well as a lot of fun to play.

By guest blogger, Daniel Wilks Before we start into the actual construction of a Cigar Box Guitar, I should probably explain what a CBG actually is. As the name suggests, a CBG is a small, playable guitar with a body constructed from a cigar box. Cigar Box Guitars have a long and colorful history dating […]

Free-standing decks – a great alternative

Free-standing decks can turn difficult to use spots into the best part of your home

One of the first considerations an owner-builder needs to make is what type of deck you want to build. Decks come in all shapes and sizes, and functions. Could a free-standing deck be the right one for you. What is a free-standing deck? Free-standing decks are not directly attached to a house or other structure. […]

Finishing your deck – oil or stain?

A good deck can make a house a home. In this example, the deck is oiled without any tint.

Now that you’re done constructing your deck the only thing left to do is to add the finishing touches. Both oils and stains have their own distinct advantages. In this post we’ll have a look at both finishing materials. A good deck can make a house a home… A good deck can make a house […]

Should you roof your deck?

A wide span, insulated skillion roof

Last time we talked about deck flooring and balustrades. With the flooring and balustrades in place your deck is ready to use. But one vital question remains – to roof or not to roof? Installing a roof isn’t just about protecting your deck from the climate. In fact, as long as you’ve properly weatherproofed your […]

Deck Flooring and balustrades

Have you considered building your seating along with your deck?

So far we’ve covered everything from planning right through to your footings and joists. Today we’ll be tackling a challenge involving two important aspects of deck building. It’s time to install your deck flooring and balustrades. Deck Flooring This deck members (the floor slats) are installed on top of the deck joist. Aside from simply […]

Putting Down your Footings and Joists

Your deck will only ever be as good as your foundations

In the previous post we discussed deck site preparation. Hopefully you’re ready to move forward? Now that your deck site is ready you can begin the construction. The first thing you need to do is establish your footings. These form the support structure of the deck. Regardless of how tight your budget may be, this […]