How To Clean A Rug So It Looks New Again

Can you imagine a house without a rug? Of course not! It is a must-have at home. A rug can provide comfort. It can warm your feet when it is cold. There is no denying the fact that rugs can provide an accent to your home. Rugs are available in different designs, color combinations, and […]

Revamp your bathroom with a pebble shower floor

DIY Pebble Shower Floor

Want a refreshing new look to your bathroom? How about this pebble shower floor idea? It’s not only beautiful, but it’s also a low-cost flooring project! Here, your expenses are minimized since you can simply gather good pebble stones from certain locations in your area. Although purchasing bags of stones is¬†not costly, too. You can […]

DIY Concrete Path Mold

Concrete pathways are great additions to your outdoor area. When done right and maintained well, these pathways are sure to last for many years. If you‚Äôre planning on building your own concrete path at home, this DIY project is for you. Concrete pathways are great additions to your outdoor area. When done right and maintained […]

How to prepare, stain and seal any concrete floor in six easy steps…

Acid or acrylic stain?

Stained and polished concrete floors are not a new idea. But they have had a huge renaissance in recent years, largely because of the improvement of and access to finishing materials. Many new home owners are deciding to not put down floor coverings such as tiles or carpets and instead opting for a stained and polished […]

How to Make Your Own Cordwood Floor

Cordwood Flooring Main Image

This flooring may look like a professional installer’s job, but did you know that you can DIY this cordwood floor for your home? If you’re a fan of the rustic look then you’re surely going to love this flooring idea. It’s relatively easy considering it’s a home renovation project! In fact, the specific project and […]

How to make brown paper bag flooring

Brown Paperbag Flooring

Have you¬†been wanting to dress your floor with a new look? This DIY¬†project just might be the answer to it. And it doesn’t require flooring experience! If you enjoy¬†d√©coupage, you’re sure to¬†have fun with this brown paper bag flooring project. :) Yes – it’s basically just d√©coupage on a larger scale! Aside from being easy, […]