5 Ideas to Upgrade Your Outdoor Patio Experience

Does your outdoor patio need a new look for the season of barbecues and sun tanning? Gear up for the months ahead by giving your outdoor space a refreshing transformation. These ideas prove that it doesn’t take much to upgrade your outdoor patio. New Pillows Comfy new pillows are a great way to perk up […]

Eight Creative Uses for Laser Cut Screens

Laser cut privacy screen in Corten steel

When you read ‘screens’, do you think ‘privacy’? Laser cut screens are often used to build beautiful, artistic privacy fencing . But this single use barely scratches the surface of the DIY projects that flat, uniform, metal screens make possible. Laser cut screens are a versatile building material with uses limited only by your imagination. […]

How to keep your deck looking great!

Unless you’re living at one of the poles, an outdoor entertainment area should be an integral part of family life. In our experience, the easiest and most attractive way to get that area is by building a timber deck. And remember that a nice deck does a lot more than enhance your lifestyle… it can also […]

How to build an octagonal deck

DIY Octagonal Deck

Whether you need an extra space for entertaining, or a place to relax and enjoy the outdoor, a deck is one of the best options you have. A deck is your own personal oasis. It’s a perfect place for relaxation and a space that allows you to escape from your worldly troubles. It can be […]

Free-standing decks – a great alternative

Free-standing decks can turn difficult to use spots into the best part of your home

One of the first considerations an owner-builder needs to make is what type of deck you want to build. Decks come in all shapes and sizes, and functions. Could a free-standing deck be the right one for you. What is a free-standing deck? Free-standing decks are not directly attached to a house or other structure. […]

Finishing your deck – oil or stain?

A good deck can make a house a home. In this example, the deck is oiled without any tint.

Now that you’re done constructing your deck the only thing left to do is to add the finishing touches. Both oils and stains have their own distinct advantages. In this post we’ll have a look at both finishing materials. A good deck can make a house a home… A good deck can make a house […]

Should you roof your deck?

A wide span, insulated skillion roof

Last time we talked about deck flooring and balustrades. With the flooring and balustrades in place your deck is ready to use. But one vital question remains – to roof or not to roof? Installing a roof isn’t just about protecting your deck from the climate. In fact, as long as you’ve properly weatherproofed your […]

Deck Flooring and balustrades

Have you considered building your seating along with your deck?

So far we’ve covered everything from planning right through to your footings and joists. Today we’ll be tackling a challenge involving two important aspects of deck building. It’s time to install your deck flooring and balustrades. Deck Flooring This deck members (the floor slats) are installed on top of the deck joist. Aside from simply […]

Putting Down your Footings and Joists

Your deck will only ever be as good as your foundations

In the previous post we discussed deck site preparation. Hopefully you’re ready to move forward? Now that your deck site is ready you can begin the construction. The first thing you need to do is establish your footings. These form the support structure of the deck. Regardless of how tight your budget may be, this […]

Preparing your deck site

A little preparation goes a long way

In our previous posts you’ve had a crash course on the basic construction processes involved in deck building. Now that you’ve got the basics down you can begin the construction of the deck. But before you put your hands on any tools you need to prepare the deck site. Dealing with wood boring Insects Is […]