Alternative Chicken Coop Ideas

Alternative Chicken Coop Ideas

If there are unusual homes, there are unusual chicken coops too!

Old Trampoline Chicken Coop

But these chicken coops were not built just to be different, they’re also a great way to repurpose or upcycle old washing machines, trampolines, and other scrap materials.

They are also great options for when you want to raise your own backyard chickens, but you can’t build a regular chicken coop. Aside from functionality, these chicken coops look like cute play areas for chicken, adding an interesting decorative feature in your backyard.

Even if you don’t have the budget for new materials, the time or the skills for building, you can still DIY one of these chicken coop ideas.

Is there anyone you know that could also get an idea or two from this list? :)

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Old Washing Machine Chicken Coop

Got an old washing machine? Why not make use of it by recycling? When done properly, your chickens will surely have one of the most unique chicken coops in the neighbourhood!

Old Trampoline Chicken Coop

Here’s another recycling idea and this time it’s with an old trampoline. This idea is perfect if you want a bigger home for your backyard chickens!

Small Dorking Chicken Coop

This small chicken coop is made out of recycled plastic so you don’t have to worry about corrosion. It can accommodate up to three large chickens and it is very easy to clean!

Nogg Chicken Coop

This modern chicken coop may look like a house for just one but it can accommodate three chickens, too. It’s made out of cedar wood, so it is safe, durable and naturally antibacterial.

Old Playhouse Chicken Coop

You can also use an old playhouse if you happen to have one that your children have already outgrown.

Empty Spools Chicken Coop

Empty spools will work too! Do you have access to some?

Old Swing Set Chicken Coop

If there are A-frame homes, then there are A-frame chicken coops too! This idea is quick and easy if you’ve got an old swing set. ;)




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