Build a drip irrigation system for under $50

Watering plants in your garden yourself can cost you valuable time especially if you are tending to a large yard. And sometimes you wastewater since it’s difficult to regulate the amount of water you let flow in your garden. One way you can save time and water is to equip your garden with this drip irrigation system. Farmers have been using […]

Alternative Chicken Coop Ideas

Alternative Chicken Coop Ideas

If there are unusual homes, there are unusual chicken coops too! But these chicken coops were not built just to be different, they’re also a great way to repurpose or upcycle old washing machines, trampolines, and other scrap materials. They are also great options for when you want to raise your own backyard chickens, but you […]

Awesome Toy Car Display Ideas!

Toy Car Display Ideas

Do you have kids who love Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars? Or perhaps there’s a kid-at-heart in the household who collects these toy cars? Then this toy storage idea collection is for you! Anyone who lives with someone who just can’t seem to have enough toy cars would probably agree that it can be bothersome to see these small toys all […]