Milk Jug Igloo

Making an Adorable Milk Jug Igloo With Kids – DIY Style 101

What a fantastic idea to put all those plastic milk jugs we collect to good use! Building a milk jug igloo provides an exciting and imaginative fort that will surely bring joy to the little ones. :)

Ready for hours of fun and creative playtime?

Milk Jug Igloo

Plastic containers are among the most persistent – and prevalent – debris polluting our oceans and clogging landfills. In 2014, researchers estimated that some 5 trillion plastic items were afloat in our oceans. Many of them were milk jugs.

This recycling idea is commonly done as a students’ classroom activity/project which provides lots of educational benefits to the children. They can use the end product as a playhouse or a reading nook.

Milk jug igloos are very easy to build as the only tool you will need is a hot glue gun. The time to build one, however, is the most ‘difficult’ aspect since you will have to collect around 500 pieces of plastic milk jugs for a spacious igloo. But if you have access to lots of empty plastic milk jugs, then the kids can have an awesome igloo of their own in no time!

Want to build a milk jug igloo with the kids? Learn more about it from the article by Hubpages linked below!

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How to Make a Cute Milky Jug Igloo?

This step-by-step guide will take you through the process of crafting an adorable igloo using milk jugs. Get ready to embark on a creative adventure that will not only provide hours of fun but also teach valuable lessons in recycling and imagination.

Whether you’re a craft enthusiast, a parent looking for an engaging project with your children, or simply seeking a unique decorative piece, this guide has got you covered.

Gather the essential materials to start making a cute Milky Jug Igloo that will bring smiles to all who see it!


  • Around 500 Milk Jugs
  • Cardboard Base
  • Around 80 Hot Glue Gun Sticks

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A heartfelt thanks go out to HubPages for providing us with this fantastic project. Their detailed and insightful step-by-step instructions are available for you to explore and follow.

Dive into the guide to access a wealth of information, ensuring that you have everything you need to successfully complete this project!

Milk Jug Igloo
Building a milk jug igloo is a unique and engaging activity that can provide entertainment and enjoyment, especially for kids.

Extra Tips

Here are other helpful insights to guarantee the success of your milk jug igloo project:

1. Wash and Dry

Prior to beginning the construction process, it is essential to prioritize thorough washing and drying of the milk jugs. This step ensures the removal of any residue or unpleasant odours that might hinder the building experience.

Not only will this ensure that the final igloo is visually appealing, but it will also contribute to a pleasant overall atmosphere as you and your kids engage in this creative endeavour.

2. Collect and Sort

Gather an ample supply of milk jugs and organize them by size and colour. This will help you plan the igloo’s design and easily locate the jugs you need during construction.

While working alongside your children, foster their creativity by granting them the freedom to explore different patterns and arrangements with the milk jugs. Encouraging this artistic experimentation will infuse the igloo with an unmatched sense of individuality, showcasing their imaginative flair and unique perspective.

3. Reinforce the Structure

To ensure the lasting strength and stability of the igloo’s structure, it is essential to reinforce its structural integrity. Achieve this by utilizing zip ties or duct tape to securely fasten the milk jugs together. This vital step enhances the overall durability of the igloo, enabling it to withstand the test of time and endure the playful activities of your children.

By firmly connecting the milk jugs, you can rest assured that the igloo will remain intact, providing a safe and reliable haven for countless hours of imaginative play and exploration.

4. Add Decorative Touches

Encourage your kids to express their creativity by using markers, paint, or stickers to infuse the igloo with a personalized and enchanting touch. This opportunity for artistic expression will result in a unique and charming finish, transforming the milk jug igloo into a captivating masterpiece.

Watch as their creativity flourishes and their personalities shine through as they leave their artistic mark on the igloo.

5. Embrace Natural Lighting

Ensure that you incorporate openings in the milk jug igloo to allow the gentle embrace of natural light to permeate through its walls. This design choice not only creates a captivating and ethereal ambience inside the igloo but also instills a profound sense of wonder and enchantment in your children.

The interplay between light and shadow will inspire their imagination and add a touch of magic to their playtime adventures within the milk jug igloo.

6. Incorporate Soft Furnishings

Elevate the comfort level of the milk jug igloo by introducing soft blankets, plush pillows, and cozy cushions to its interior. This thoughtful addition will transform the space into a warm and inviting haven for your children to relish. Nestled amidst the milk jug walls, these soft furnishings will provide a comfortable seating or lounging area where your kids can unwind, read, play games, or simply indulge in moments of relaxation.

By incorporating these additional suggestions, you can guarantee the success of your milk jug igloo endeavour while delighting in the process of creativity, strengthening bonds, and fostering imaginative play, thus creating cherished and enduring memories together.

If you’re seeking an extra dose of adventure, why not explore the process of creating a wooden teepee tent that will also ignite your kids’ imagination and become their cherished hideaway?

Unleashing Milk Jug Igloo Magic!

This guide provides you with all the essential knowledge and steps. From washing and organizing the milk jugs to reinforcing the structure and unleashing creativity through decorations, this project offers a memorable and engaging experience.

And with the additional tips and considerations provided, you can ensure a successful and enjoyable journey into the world of DIY creativity.

So, get ready to build your very own Milk Jug Igloo and watch as your kids’ faces light up with joy!



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