Wire Fencing Potato Tower

Grow Potatoes Vertically With 5 Easy Wire-Fencing Tricks!

Do you ever feel like there’s never enough garden space for all the plants you want to grow in your yard? It’s one of the challenges of urban living as lot sizes continue to shrink.

However limited your garden space may be, it doesn’t need to hinder your ability to cultivate your own food. The key lies in optimizing the available area, emphasizing vertical utilization. By adopting this strategy, you must grow potatoes vertically as a workable alternative. And wire fence is an important tool for achieving this goal.

A potato tower is one of the easiest and fastest ways to build a space-saving garden for spuds. All you need is some fencing mesh, enough straw to line your planter, and some good-quality soil to grow potatoes vertically and beautifully. That’s it!

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Potato Tower

Also, it’s incredibly easy to set up. No need to dig up the ground or prepare raised beds. It’s even a fun and creative way to spruce up your garden and impress your friends with your gardening skills.

You can even use this idea in your vege garden to act as a living fence post. One in each corner with mesh between the planters and you’ve just blocked off some of those critters that also like your produce! So, it’s worth giving a shot – trying to grow potatoes vertically using wire fencing!

Grow Potatoes Vertically

Is this what you need in your yard to grow your own potatoes?

Not only it saves space in your garden when you grow potatoes vertically using wire fencing but it also provides numerous benefits.

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When you grow potatoes vertically, you can maximize your garden’s potential and increase your potato yield. Plus, the wire fencing provides a strong support system for the plants as they grow, ensuring they stay upright and healthy.

Wire Fencing Potato Tower

No more worrying about your plants getting knocked over in a storm or weighed down by heavy potatoes. Instead, your plants will stand tall and strong, producing delicious tubers that you can enjoy all season long. It will be a lot of fun to grow potatoes vertically!

How to Grow Potatoes Vertically Using Wire Fencing

Get ready to redefine your gardening experience with a touch of innovation! If you thought growing potatoes was confined to the ground, think again.

In this guide, embark on a journey that breaks the soil-bound norms and takes your spud-growing game to new heights. Say goodbye to space constraints and hello to a bountiful harvest as you grow potatoes vertically through the ingenious use of wire fencing.

Dig into the future of potato cultivation! Now, gather the necessary materials and tools you’ll need to grow potatoes vertically.


  • 3-4′ tall Wire Fencing Mesh
  • Tie / Pliable Wire
  • Straw / Hay
  • Pure Compost
  • Water Source
  • Potatoes


  • Wire Cutter
  • Shovel

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In the world of gardening, each step holds the promise of abundance, and today, you’re about to tread the path to potato-growing success like never before. Imagine harnessing the synergy between nature and innovation, as wire fencing becomes the canvas for your culinary dreams. Here’s how to use such a sturdy and reliable material to grow potatoes vertically.

Step 1: Craft a cylinder utilizing the age-old principles of geometry. According to these tenets, the formula dictates that the circumference is equal to the diameter multiplied by approximately 3.14. Applying this to a 10-foot fence, dividing by 3 yields a cylinder with a diameter of 3 feet.

Step 2: For added rigidity to the cylinder, thread a 2 ft rebar through the base of the fence. While a lengthier rebar or a fence post is optimal.

Step 3: Moving forward, the subsequent phase involves encasing the exterior with straw (to prevent soil from escaping through the openings) and then proceeding to load the interior with a mixture of soil and sand.

Upon reaching a height of approximately one foot above the ground, place four potatoes along the circumference, maintaining a distance of roughly 6 inches from the edge before concealing them with soil.

Then, layer straw on the outer side and alternate with sand and soil on the inner side, building upward until a substantial layer, ranging from one foot to 18 inches, establishes above the initial level.

Step 4: Iterate the preceding procedure in successive tiers. As you reach a height of approximately 3 feet from the ground, introduce a final batch of potatoes onto the upper surface, enveloping them with a layer of soil measuring around 4 inches in thickness.

To further enhance the growth process, incorporate Azalea fertilizer intermittently throughout the construction stages. For slightly acidic soil, opt for an acid-loving plant fertilizer to cater to their specific needs.

Step 5: With the possibility of progressive growth of the upper layer potatoes, maintain a consistent practice of supplementing soil, employing straw as a protective buffer along the sides to prevent soil displacement.

This process continues until reaching the uppermost section. It’s worth noting that when you bury potatoes in this manner, they have the potential to generate new roots and spuds within the surrounding soil.

Perhaps you’re wondering, “How do you plan to cover the potato leaves that are extending outward?” Well, the truth is, you aren’t. Burying the upper portion, and maintaining hopeful anticipation that the potatoes situated in the innermost region will also yield a fruitful outcome.

You now know how to grow potatoes vertically using wire fencing in only five easy steps! Special thanks to Plangarden for providing insightful information on the process of planting potatoes vertically

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Get Your Vertical Potato Garden Growing!

So you’ve found the ultimate guide for growing a bountiful harvest in limited spaces. This reveals the techniques for transforming wire fence into an inventive instrument, covering everything from constructing the ideal cylinder to raising your potatoes to the skies.

Embrace the journey of vertical cultivation and relish the fulfillment that comes from enjoying locally sourced excellence. Prepare to set out on a trip that, with just 5 simple steps and the magic of wire fencing, will bring you delectable success!

Happy planting!



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