Turn a closet into a laundry room!

Closet Laundry Room

If you’re renovating, it’s often tempting to look at the space that is currently your laundry to see if it has a better use. In my case, I was able to turn the laundry into a second – much needed, bathroom. But if your laundry is repurposed, where are you going to wash and dry? […]

How to Build a Chicken Tractor

Chicken Tractor

There are several ways to house backyard chickens, but all these options have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you are (or you’re planning on) raising chickens and you have a relatively small backyard, a chicken tractor might be best suited for you. A chicken tractor is basically a movable chicken coop. It’s a good kind of housing for a […]

How to make your own vegetable hod

DIY Veggie Hod

If you are growing various vegetables on your property, then a veggie hod is a necessity among your gardening equipment. And you can easily make one yourself! A veggie hod is a simple but very handy gardening item that makes it easier to harvest and bring vegetables to the kitchen! You can make a vegetable […]

How to grow potatoes vertically using fencing wire

Wire Fencing Potato Tower

Do you ever feel like there’s never enough garden space for all the plants you want to grow in your yard? It’s one of the challenges of urban living as lot sizes continue to shrink. But a small garden doesn’t have to stop you from growing your own food. The trick is to make sure you maximize whatever […]

How to build a multi-purpose play stand

Changeable Playstand Main Image

This play stand can be anything your kids want it to be. They will never get bored with this DIY play equipment! This DIY play stand can be a lemonade stand, a post office, a market, a puppet theater or anything else your child can imagine! But the way you can use this little setup doesn’t stop there! […]