Cat Castles To Keep Your Indoor Cat Busy

A cat castle will keep any cat busy!
A cat castle will keep any cat busy!

Do you have a cat at home that you want to keep from climbing your furniture? A cat castle-like any of these is sure to do the trick!

All pets need a place of their own indoors, just like every family member needs their own space. Cats, specifically, love spending time in high places which is why a castle is great to have if you have a pet cat.

One thing we love about cat castles, besides their look, is that they don’t consume too much space in a room. The narrower you make its passageways and the thinner the castle is, the more your cats will love it. The higher it is, the better for them, too. Plus, a really tall castle looks more awesome!

Now a cat castle is easy to DIY, especially since you can use a variety of materials to build it with. You can use plywood, OSB, or even cardboard boxes!

Take a look at these lovely castles pet owners to have DIY-ed for their cats and be inspired to make one for your beloved feline!

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