How to Build a Roll Bar Fence

Are your pet dogs constantly jumping out of your fence? Here's a solution!
Are your pet dogs constantly jumping out of your fence? Here’s a solution!

Having pets would sometimes mean making several changes to your home. After all, your pets have their own needs, too. As a pet owner, you are responsible for making sure that these needs are met. I know this because I’ve been there and yes, I’ve done that.

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12/01/2022 12:10 am GMT

One of the few things that we’ve installed in our home is a roll bar fence. This helps keep our dogs inside our property, preventing them from jumping over. We had to install one because our fence was quite low. Some of our dogs would either jump right out onto the street or into our neighbor’s backyard. If you’re having the same problem with your pets, this project is for you.

How much you'll spend will depend on how long your fence is...
How much you’ll spend will depend on how long your fence is…

In the end, it was a project worth doing. My husband did it all by himself one weekend. And it was inexpensive, too. Now we can go through the day knowing that our dogs are safely inside our property.


  • ¾ inch electric conduit metal pipe
  • 25-inch PVC
  • 4 pcs L brackets
  • 2×4 wood
  • Wood screws
  • Bolts


  • Drill

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If you’re planning on installing a roll bar fence, watch this tutorial video to learn how.



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