Flexible Collapsible Garden Trellis: 8-Step Security

Expandable, collapsible, and portable, this garden trellis is perfect for you.
Expandable, collapsible, and portable, this garden trellis is perfect for you.

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted my own garden. I wanted to own those collapsible garden trellises.

In my dreams of a perfect garden, there are always trellises. They bring to mind quaint little fairy tale cottages. Of course, you need trellises in a garden for purely decorative purposes. There are many plants that are best grown on a trellis.  And there are as many reasons to grow them that way.

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However, just the thought of buying and spending cash for trellises makes me flinch.

I am a really thrifty person. My husband secretly hates it. He knows it’ll all boil down to one thing: me taking advantage of his carpentry and painting skills.

Look at those happy plants!
Look at those happy plants!

I looked for DIY trellises and found these collapsible ones. It’s a DIY project which I immediately showed him. He did them over the weekend and they were exactly what I wanted – collapsible and inexpensive! I’m so excited to start planting again!

Building a Collapsible Garden Trellis


  • laths
  • screws
  • washer
  • bolts


  • power drill
  • screwdriver


Step 1: Design Your Trellis

  • Decide on the dimensions of your trellis based on the space available and the plants you plan to support.
  • Sketch a simple A-frame design, which can be easily folded and stored.

Step 2: Cut the Laths

  • Cut the laths to the required lengths according to your design. You’ll need four long pieces for the sides and several shorter pieces for the horizontal supports.

Step 3: Assemble the A-Frame Sides

  • Lay out two of the long laths in a V shape to form one side of your A-frame. Ensure the angle between them is wide enough to provide stability.
  • Use the power drill to make pilot holes at the top where the laths meet.
  • Secure the laths together at the top using a bolt and washer. Do not tighten the bolt completely to allow the frame to fold.

Step 4: Attach Horizontal Supports

  • Space out the shorter laths along the length of the A-frame sides and mark where they will go.
  • Drill pilot holes in the ends of each short lath.
  • Attach these horizontal supports to one side of the A-frame using screws. Make sure the screws are tightly secured.

Step 5: Attach the Second A-Frame Side

  • Align the second set of long laths with the horizontal supports on the already assembled side.
  • Drill pilot holes and attach each support to the second A-frame side with screws.

Step 6: Add Hinges for Collapsibility

  • At the top of the A-frame where the sides meet, ensure the bolt is equipped with a wingnut for easy adjustment.
  • Check that the frame can be folded by loosening the wingnut, adjusting the angle, and then tightening it again.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

  • Sand any rough edges to prevent injury or damage to plant vines.
  • If desired, apply a weather-resistant stain or paint to protect the wood and enhance its appearance.

Step 8: Setup and Use

  • Position the trellis in your garden or against a wall where it will support climbing plants.
  • Train young plants to climb the trellis by gently tying them to the horizontal supports.

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Thanks to haakon.k for this great project. You can get step-by-step instructions here…

Here’s a quick video tutorial…


Choosing the Right Materials for Your Trellis

To guarantee longevity, usefulness, and visual appeal of your foldable garden trellis, choose the appropriate materials. The materials you select will affect how weather-resistant, long-lasting, and simple to carry and store your trellis. 

Here we go over the ideal materials to think about for your garden trellis that collapses.


Because wood is so easily customized and looks natural, it’s a common option for a collapsible garden trellis. It looks great in gardens and may be treated or painted to withstand the elements. For a foldable garden trellis, think about choosing pressure-treated pine, cedar, or redwood—all of which are pest and rot-resistant. Wood will, however, need routine care, such staining or sealing, to keep its look and durability.


Metal, especially aluminum or powder-coated steel, offers excellent durability and strength, making it a fantastic choice for a collapsible garden trellis. These materials resist rust and can handle heavy plants without bending or breaking. Metal trellises often come in intricate designs, adding a decorative element to your garden. Although typically more expensive than wood, metal collapsible garden trellises require less maintenance and can offer a sleek, modern look.

Plastic or Vinyl

Plastic or vinyl materials are lightweight and extremely easy to maintain, making them suitable for a collapsible garden trellis. These materials will not rust, rot, or require painting. Vinyl trellises are available in various designs, including those that mimic the look of wood but without the upkeep. However, they may not support heavier plants as well as wood or metal and can become brittle over time when exposed to extreme weather conditions.


Bamboo is an eco-friendly and highly renewable material that can be used for a collapsible garden trellis. It is lightweight, strong, and offers a unique aesthetic that stands out in any garden setting. Bamboo is suitable for lighter climbing plants and adds a rustic, natural charm. It’s also relatively inexpensive but may require replacement more frequently than more durable materials like metal or certain woods.

Choosing the right material for your collapsible garden trellis involves balancing durability, maintenance, aesthetic preference, and budget. Each material offers unique benefits, so consider what will work best for your garden’s conditions and your specific needs.

Optimal Plant Types for Trellises

When it comes to maximizing the use of your collapsible garden trellis, selecting the right plants is just as important as choosing the right materials. The ideal plants for your trellis will not only thrive vertically but will also enhance the beauty and functionality of your garden space.

Here’s a look at some of the best plant types to cultivate on your collapsible garden trellis.

Climbing Flowers

Flowering climbers can transform your collapsible garden trellis into a stunning vertical garden feature. Some of the best options include:

  • Clematis: Known for their large, vibrant flowers, clematis plants can provide color throughout the growing season.
  • Morning Glory: With their quick growth and beautiful blooms, morning glories can cover a collapsible garden trellis in lush greenery and vibrant flowers quickly.
  • Jasmine: Ideal for adding fragrance as well as visual appeal, jasmine plants can create a sensory experience in your garden.


A collapsible garden trellis can also support various vegetable plants, allowing for efficient use of space and easier harvesting. Some excellent choices are:

  • Cucumbers: Trellised cucumbers are less prone to diseases and are easier to pick.
  • Peas: Both sweet peas and snow peas thrive on a trellis, making them perfect for a collapsible garden trellis.
  • Tomatoes: Indeterminate tomato varieties continue growing vertically and can benefit greatly from trellis support.


Fruit-bearing vines can be a rewarding addition to your collapsible garden trellis, offering both practical and aesthetic benefits.

  • Grapes: A classic choice for any trellis, grapevines can live for many years, providing fruit and shade.
  • Kiwi: Hardy kiwi vines are vigorous growers that produce small, delicious fruits, ideal for a sturdy collapsible garden trellis.
  • Berries: Certain types of berries, like raspberries and blackberries, can be trained to grow up a trellis, making them easier to harvest.

Foliage Plants

For gardens where aesthetics are as important as function, foliage plants can add texture and color to a collapsible garden trellis.

  • Ivy: Varieties like English ivy cling easily to a trellis, covering it with dense green leaves.
  • Honeysuckle: Known for its sweet scent and vigorous growth, honeysuckle can quickly cover a collapsible garden trellis, providing privacy and beauty.
  • Virginia Creeper: This fast-growing vine shows off stunning fall colors, making it an attractive choice for year-round interest.

Choosing the right plants for your collapsible garden trellis can turn a simple garden feature into a dynamic focal point. Whether you’re interested in beauty, practicality, or both, there’s a plant that can meet your needs and make the most of your trellis.


A satisfying activity that improves your garden’s usefulness and beauty is building a collapsible garden trellis. Fruitful vines and fragrant blooms are only a few of the many climbing plants that can be supported by this adaptable construction with the appropriate materials. For gardeners with little room, the collapsible design makes storage and modification simple. Your collapsible garden trellis will become a necessary component of your outside living area as you appreciate its vertical beauty and usefulness.

For more garden projects, check out our guide on building a garden path!



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