Cable Spool Sink

Turn a wooden cable spool into an outdoor kitchen or garden sink!

Now here’s a great idea for an outdoor kitchen or garden! Turn a wooden cable spool into a kitchen sink to make your outdoor dinners and gardening activities more convenient!

Galvanized Bucket Sink

This DIY wooden cable spool turned sink is not just a unique item for your backyard, it also serves its purpose really well!

It works via a foot pump, which means there is less mess since you do not have to touch the sink while your hands are still dirty. And it provides a large, spacious work surface area so it is very convenient for outdoor cooking or washing up your backyard harvest!

Pallet Sink

Other features include a water level gauge and an integrated soap dispenser.

Is this the perfect outdoor sink for your backyard?

You can get more details from Naha Do over at Behance!

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Mobile Garden Sink

Galvanized Bucket Sink

Pallet Sink



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