Build a hobbit house in your backyard

Backyard Hobbit House

Want an out-of-this-world backyard project? Well, this one’s hard to top if you’re building one in your backyard – your very own hobbit house as your personal refuge! This hobbit house serves as a reading nook for its owner-builders. They also plan on installing a projector and a drop-down screen, making it a tiny tiny ‘home […]

Make the kids happy by building a Disneyland playhouse!

Disneyland Playhouse

It’s every kid’s dream to visit Disneyland. But how many of them ever thought about having their own Disneyland at home? We didn’t realise it was possible until this dad decided to build his daughters a new playhouse inspired by one of Disneyland’s attraction, the “Jungle Cruise”! Imagine the excitement his kids felt when they first […]