DIY Wire Mesh Compost Bin

How to make a wire mesh composter

Wire Mesh Compost Bin

If you need a large composter for your garden, then a wire mesh compost bin is one of the easiest you can build.

Basically, all you have to do is create a cylinder cage that will hold your compost. Make sure to choose hardware cloth that’s no bigger than 1″x1″ square mesh to prevent your compost from falling through. You can attach a cover if you want to keep animals out of it.

Pegging it to the ground, however, is not recommended. The reason for this is since compost needs to be turned and mixed occasionally, it would be easier by simply tipping the wire mesh compost bin to its side, emptying it, setting it upright again, and return the (re)mixed compost inside.

Now because it is not permanently set up in one place, this makes a good compost bin if you need a portable one.

Wire Mesh Compost Bin

It’s an easy build that works simply!

Is this the kind of DIY compost bin that you are looking for?


  • 12′ Galvanized Hardware Cloth/Wire Mesh
  • 2×1 Timber
  • Cable Ties / Zip Ties


  • Wire Cutters

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Thanks to Empress of Dirt for this great project. You can get step-by-step instructions here



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