Recycled Tire Rim Stove

Fiery Tire Rim Stove For Fun Gatherings: 1-Day Build

Recycled Tire Rim Stove

A little tap from a hammer and it fell right out.

Recycled Tire Rim Stove

Finishing the opening: Cutting through the weld with a sawzall gave a nice edge that needs a very little cleanup. A quick pass with a grinder made all the edges of my tire rim stove nice and smooth.

Recycled Tire Rim Stove

Making the door: I took a scrap of the piano hinge and traced the profile of the rim on to it. I rough cut it on the bandsaw and perfected the fit with a grinder.

Recycled Tire Rim Stove

I couldn’t decide whether to put the hinge on the side or bottom of my tire rim stove. I ended up putting it on the bottom. I was going to tack weld a spring on to the top for a handle but the lip of the rims seemed good enough to me.

Recycled Tire Rim Stove

Leftovers: Not a lot of waste so far and even the valve stems got a second chance at life to my tire rim stove. I used them for handles for valve core removers. A little drop of Loctite and then crews on a remover and you have a neat little rubber handled valve core remover.

Still not done: It looked done but what about actually using it. My sister had given me a nice cast iron dutch oven for Christmas. It’s supposed to be good to 1000 degrees just right for outdoor cooking but I might want to use a standard frying pan too.

Recycled Tire Rim Stove

I made a template for a semi-circular baffle to block the flames where the frying pans handle would overhang the stove. I wanted there to be plenty of room between the rims holes and the baffle to keep up the airflow but not too high so it hits the pan

I could have just welded a couple of the rims holes up but his way there is still airflow all around the stove. It also nicely covered the top valve stem hole.

Recycled Tire Rim Stove

I turned to my scrap pile and found a nice heavy piece of steel. Using the plasma cutter I cut out the shape and refined the fit with a grinder.

Recycled Tire Rim Stove

This one I did stitch weld connecting them from end to end. A little cleaning with a wire brush and it is ready for some high heat paint.

Recycled Tire Rim Stove

Finally done and ready to fire: I have to find a good Chilli recipe for next weekend. My sister is coming up to visit and I’ll make the first firing of my tire rim stove then.

Recycled Tire Rim Stove

First firing: I put a bunch of charcoal around the outside the tire rim stove and then I added 3 short logs to the middle.

Recycled Tire Rim Stove

Once lit it warmed up quickly. The paint seems undamaged except for some soot on top of the tire rim stove. The fire was a little smokey at first but soon settled down. The air coming up through the center made a nice flame.

Recycled Tire Rim Stove

I used a wok to brown the meat so I could easily drain off the fat. Simple Chilli recipe, tomatoes, peppers, beans, chopped beef, seasonings, and a couple of hours of bubbling heat.

The temperature seemed perfect – bubbling but never burning.

Thanks to rjkorn for this great tire rim stove project.

Safety Tips for Working with Metal and Welding Equipment

Not only is making a tire rim stove out of recycled materials a fulfilling do-it-yourself project, but it also calls for caution, particularly while handling metal and welding tools. Here are some crucial safety guidelines to help you manage the project effectively and stay safe. 

Put on the Proper Safety Equipment

Make sure you are completely protected before you begin building your tire rim stove. Put on sturdy gloves to shield your hands from burns and jagged edges. Wearing long sleeves and thick-fabric leggings will protect your skin from sparks. 

Remember to bring along a pair of high-quality earmuffs or earplugs to protect your eyes from the strong light of the torch, as well as a welding helmet with a proper filter shade. 

Work in an Area with Good Ventilation 

It can be unhealthy to breathe in the fumes produced by welding. Make sure you work in a well-ventilated location or use an exhaust fan to help ventilate the space when installing your tire rim stove. Although working outside is preferable, if you must work indoors, make sure there are open windows or a functional ventilation system. 

Maintain a Tidy Work Area 

Having clutter around when using welding equipment might be very dangerous. When carrying hot or sharp things, keep your workstation clear of any extraneous items that could catch fire or trip you. While building your tire rim stove, make sure that any combustible objects are kept out of the welding area and out of the way to avoid fire hazards. 

Utilize Tools Sensibly 

Every tool has a distinct function, particularly when creating a tire rim stove. For cutting, grinding, and welding, use the appropriate equipment, and make sure you understand how they work before you start. Make sure that your tools are in good operating order to prevent malfunctions that could cause mishaps. 

Remain Concentrated 

With metal and welding equipment, distractions can be hazardous. Remain concentrated on the current task at hand; hurrying can result in errors and mishaps. When working on a tire rim stove, fatigue might affect your judgment and reaction speed. Avoid this by taking regular breaks. 

You may safeguard yourself and make sure your do-it-yourself tire rim stove project turns out well by paying attention to these safety recommendations. To be able to enjoy the results of your labor with peace of mind, safety is essential.


A tire rim stove offers a creative and practical use for recycled materials, turning what might have been waste into a valuable cooking resource. With the right tools, safety measures, and a bit of craftsmanship, anyone can transform old tire rims into a functional outdoor stove. This project not only enhances your outdoor cooking experience but also contributes positively to environmental conservation.

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