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DIY Stormtrooper log burner from gas bottles!

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Recycling is fantastic, but actually turning old junk into something new and useful is even more impressive. This stormtrooper log burner is a great example!

We love to write about DIY recycling projects. If you’re looking for fresh inspiration for reusing your old stuff on a particularly cold day, then this post is for you.

Unique, useful, and recycled! This Stormtrooper log burner is just one nice piece of art to keep your place warm!

Made from gas bottles and a few other scrap metals, this stormtrooper log burner was built with no dimensions or plans prepared – just innate creativity working on the fly!

Nearly any kind of home decorating is cheaper when you do it yourself instead of hiring a professional. What’s more, craft ideas like this are a fun creative outlet!

Stormtrooper Log Burner Step 01

If you have experience in metalworking projects, you can try doing this as your next challenge. The building process shared by the DIY-er below should be able to guide you in creating your very own Stormtrooper log burner.

But if you are not ready to DIY this yet, but still want to have this awesome stormtrooper log burner, you can always ask someone who is up for the challenge! Build two and learn along the way.

Even easier, just order one as the maker is accepting orders!

Do you know a Star Wars fan who will want to have this stormtrooper log burner?

What you’ll need to build a stormtrooper log burner…


  • Gas Bottles
  • Scaffolding Parts
  • Metal Square Bar
  • Water
  • Carpenter’s Tape
  • Magnets
  • Hinges and Handle
  • Ultra High-Temperature Clear Coat


  • 10mm Angle Grinder (with Ultra Thin Cutting Discs and Buffering Pads)
  • Hammer/Mallet
  • Drill
  • Marker
  • Dremel Tool


Design: My biggest challenge was trying to create the sides on the helmet of this stormtrooper log burner, I was struggling with what to make them out of. I ended up using to top section of a large gas bottle and it turned out great.

When cutting into gas bottles I always make sure they are empty and then fill them with water to displace any gas left inside. I then use a 110mm grinder and ultra-thin cutting discs. My out should only use bottles from companies that have ceased trading too as gas bottles remain the property of the gas companies for their entire life.

Mock Up: I used bits of tape and magnets to mock up the basic shapes. The front of the burner was cut and then bent outwards from between the eyes to create to shape.

Stormtrooper Log Burner 07

Pipes and Tubes: To create the shape around the mouth I used a thin piece of tuning that I chopped up and two pieces of scaffolding bar which I squashed and welded together. I then added two more sections to either side of the helmet from the top of the larger gas bottle to start filling in the front of the helmet.

Stormtrooper Log Burner Step 04

Big Old Cheeks: The top of the cheeks on the helmet we’re again made from sections of the large gas bottle, tacked into place and the persuaded where to go with my sledgehammer. I used my grinder a flap paddle wheel to shape the parts around the bent scaffolding bits at the front.

Stormtrooper Log Burner Step 05

Grind it: I used more scaffolding bits to create the ear shapes. A piece of the square bar was used to create the helmet rim. I then set about grinding the thing to death…

Stormtrooper Log Burner Step 06

Chimney and Door: For fear of ruining the front of the helmet I decided to put the door on the rear of the burner, a little more time and design, and mate I could have made the front open but I was too scared of messing it up. I opted for a swept-back style chimney on the top of the helmet.

Stormtrooper Log Burner Step 07

Burn the witch: Bored of grinding the paint off I decided to do a little test burn…

Stormtrooper Log Burner Finished Product

More grinding: After the fire had died and the burner had cooled I then ground and polished the burner, coated it in two coats of ultra-high temp clear coat, and hit it with some black UHT detailing around the mouth and hamlet rim.

Thanks to doddieszoomer for this great project!

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured this artist’s work on our site. Just a few days ago we posted his Darth Vader Log Burner which you also might want to see if you haven’t yet!



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