Darth Vader Log Burner

How to Build a Darth Vader Log Burner From a Gas Bottle

Star Wars fan or not, we believe this is one of the most impressive DIY log burners out there. Agree?

Darth Vader Log Burner

Using an empty gas tank and some scrap iron metal, this DIYer skillfully made his personalized log burner. If you are into metalworking projects, why not give this upcycled gas tank a try with your favorite character?

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  • Gas Bottle/Tank
  • Iron Scrap
  • Machine Screws
  • Spray Paint
  • Masking Tape
  • Clippers (to hold parts in place)


  • Marker
  • Drill
  • Angle Grinder with Cutting Discs
  • Welding Machine


Darth Vader Log Burner

Locate an empty bottle. Carefully remove the tap. Fill with water to displace any leftover gas. Then scribble on your design.

Darth Vader Log Burner

Find your scrap bits to use for the detailing.

Darth Vader Log Burner

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