Darth Vader Log Burner

How to Build a Darth Vader Log Burner From a Gas Bottle

I like to use masking tape to hold my bits in place. I marked out where the hinge would go, drilled and tapped with a 4mm tap, and attached the hinge using 4x10mm machine screws. I find it easier drilling and tapping and attaching the hinge while the bottle is still intact.
Darth Vader Log Burner

All the holes and details in the bottle we’re made using a 4″ angle grinder with cutting discs and a 10mm drill bit.
I drilled several holes around the bottom of the bottle so air will circulate and help the fire to burn.

Darth Vader Log Burner

Weld everything.

Darth Vader Log Burner Darth Vader Log Burner

I gave my Vader 2 coats of ultra high temp black spray paint which finished it off a treat.

Thanks to doddieszoomer for this great project!



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