How to Make a Tailgate Wall Bench

Tailgate Wall Bench

Having just purchased a home. My wife and I decided the entire house belonged to her except for the garage and back porch and the yard. She may have made a mistake! A friend gave me this old Ford tailgate after I told him I was decorating my back porch in vintage Gas station/ feed store style. I decided to make a working bench out of it while also using it for decoration.

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12/01/2022 04:54 pm GMT

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This is how I did it!

Tailgate Wall Bench

Start with one old rusty tailgate…

Tailgate Wall Bench

All the parts needed to mount it to the wall…

  • 2- 2 1/2″ X 8″ stove bolts
  • 2- 20″ X 1 1/2″ angle iron
  • 1- 6′ X 1 1/2″ angle iron
  • 1- 6′ X 1/8″ pipe or 1/2″ rebar
  • 2- medium snap rings
  • 4- 1/2″ flat washers
  • 1- 1 1/2″ X 1/4-20 allen head bolt


TailgateWallBench (6)

Use a 5/8″ drill bit to drill a hole in the center of the pivot on each end of tailgate.

Tailgate Wall Bench

Lay angle iron flush with side of tailgate and mark and drill 5/8″ holes in the angle like so.

Tailgate Wall Bench

Once both ends are drilled, lay tailgate and angles out flat on table or floor like so to make assembly easy.

Tailgate Wall Bench

Slide the 1/8″ pipe through all three pieces like so.

TailgateWallBench (9)

Place flat washer on one end of pipe and drill a hole through your pipe with a 1/8″ drill bit.

Tailgate Wall Bench

Install a cotter pin to lock the pipe in place. Do the exact same thing on the other side with angle tight against tailgate. Drill as close as possible to the washer for a tight fit.

TailgateWallBench (11)

I found a small table to be perfect height and used it to help with install. I leveled tailgate at the right height and positioned angle pieces on wall. I actually used a couple of wood screws to hold them in place while I assembled it.Tailgate Wall Bench

I then measured down 6 inches and drilled through the angle and all the way through the wall (after checking the wall for electrical of course!) Then i installed the 8″ stove bolts.

Tailgate Wall Bench

I then went to the other side of the wall and marked the long piece of angle iron according to the bolts I had just pushed through the wall. then I drilled it out and mounted it on the 2 bolts and tightened to the wall. here is where the studs were placed on each end of the brace which was ideal.

Tailgate Wall Bench

Back outside, I attached the cables from the angle iron to the tailgate on both ends.

TailgateWallBench (15)

I then removed the table. The tailgate hanging is complete.

TailgateWallBench (16)

I then closed the tailgate with the allen bolt in between the angle iron and the truck latch pin. I marked the spot on the angle then tapped 1/4-20 threads into the angle iron and installed the allen bolt there.


Finished Bench.

TailgateWallBench (17)

The tailgate now latches against the wall using the original tailgate handle.

TailgateWallBench (2)

My family and I enjoy sitting out here now and firing up the old bbq grill (that old 51 Chevy truck clip is another project. It is a bbq grill) I hope you enjoy your tailgate bench just as much as we do ours. Now go find a tailgate before they’re all gone!

Here’s a quick video showing all the steps.

I’ve got lots of other projects over on my Youtube Channel DRMD421. Stop in and have a look sometime!

If you have any questions, just use the comment box and I’ll happily respond!



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