How to build a rain shower fountain

Rain Shower Fountain Samples

Here’s a DIY project that will turn your backyard into an amazing outdoor space! It looks magnificent, doesn’t it? This rain shower fountain was built by the owners themselves, and with the right tools, you can definitely build one yourself too! It’s a simple but elegant water feature that will no doubt look great in any […]

How to build a glass waterfall for your backyard

Having a water wall can take your garden from ‘nice’ to ‘splendid’. But do you also have to shell out a splendid amount to have a water feature installed in your yard? The answer is not always as proven in this DIY project. And yes — you can definitely DIY your water wall! Building your own water wall may not necessarily […]

How to Make a Floating Faucet Fountain

The sound of running water can be very relaxing. It’s no wonder why a lot of people opt for a water fixture either inside or outside their home. It creates a calming and restful ambiance. If you think putting in a water feature in your home costs a lot of money, think again. Of course, […]

Make a Fountain From a Recycled Tea Pot

Tea Pot Fountain Main Image

Love recycled project ideas? If you do, you’ll surely like this DIY project which makes a rustic decor for your garden! However old your tea pot looks, you can definitely use it to make an interesting water feature for your yard! You can even use other old and recycled materials to build your unique fountain. It might […]

Build a natural swimming pond – Conclusion

To this!

The Last Post If you’ve followed this blog from the beginning, you’d be forgiven for thinking that I perhaps never got to finish our pond because of the brain eating amoeba.  Alas, nearly as surprising, we added a fourth girl to our lives which sent us from busy to bedlam.  (And if you haven’t read […]

Build a natural swimming pond – Pt 9

To this!

The Day the Pond got Car Jacked! We’ve certainly had our ‘moments’ during this project. It started as an idea, became a dream and at times came close to becoming a nightmare. But three daughters asking ‘can we have a swim yet?’ has kept my determination up. Our very limited budget has needed us to innovate […]

Build a natural swimming pond – Pt 8

To this!

Brain-eating Amoeba and Other Possibilities If you’ve followed this blog from the start (a big thanks for that), you’ll know that it has been a long series of holes being dug and then being filled again.  And the reed bed is no different, except for the fact that it is the last hole! I’ve read […]

Build a natural swimming pond – Pt 7

To this!

Boys and Their Toys… OK – it’s been a while! But before I could continue with the latest antics of our swimming pond project, I had to take a deep breath.  Why?  Because although the overwhelming feedback for my first series of posts was positive (for which I thank you), the last post seemed to raise a […]

Build a natural swimming pond – Pt 6

To this!

Sand, Cement, Water and One Very Irate Woman! Well, well, well – three holes in the ground. (OK – so it’s an old and tired joke).  Actually, we just have one very big hole in our yard, with a factory second fibreglass pool in it.  See? If you’ve been following my blog, you know that my dream […]

Build a natural swimming pond – Pt 4

To this!

The (W)hole Disaster! If this is the first time you’ve read my blog, here’s a quick summary – We are a family with three young children (two with disabilities).  I got the idea into my head to build a natural swimming pond for them.  We’ve found our location and chosen our pond liner.  Now we […]

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