Take a Tour of This Wild West Chicken Coop Town

These chicken coops are the best gifts there is to chicken mama Mitzi Ballard. Not only there’s a lucky lady but several blessed chickens who’ll be living in a cool town from now on. 

Mitzi’s husband built chicken coops that resemble the wild west. Even if you don’t raise chickens, you’ll appreciate the craftsmanship that went into this build.

Take a tour of the town… 

Take a Sip on The Rooster’s Ridge

Thinking about the wild west might have made you thirsty. Hydrate in this watering station aptly named The Rooster’s Ridge. It’s got its water tank that resembles those found in vast open lands.

Feel Cozy With The Livery Stables Red Barn

Come and see the most fabulous feeders that will grant chooks an excellent meal that hits home. It’s designed in one of the most iconic looks; this red barn is that added flavor of keeping the chicken persona on the wild west motif.

See What’s Up In Town With These Sites

Now chickens don’t have money, but they deserve a good time. Upon this bright-colored business front, the chooks can choose their free time in a cafe, mercantile, or even a hotel—all cozy places to stay.

Hang Around On This Sheltered Open Area

What makes this chicken coop town great is that it has its blacksmith area. Although no iron will be forged here, it’s the perfect waiting area under a rainfall. It can also be a chill place to hang with the other feathered friends.

Unleash Your Inner Cowboy On This Saloon

Feel the wild west coming once you see the hitching posts and tie-up curtains on this saloon. Experience the delight of those swinging doors from your striking entrance. No drinks will be served in this pub, but proper rest will be given to lay eggs for a hard day.

Time Out Trouble Making Chooks To Jail

In this town, you’ve got everything you need. Even discipline time for some rough chickens. Perfect with its painting of an incarcerated chicken behind bars to show a good example.

What motif will your chicken coop be if you’re to build one?

If you need a little inspiration, you will find some free chicken coop plans here…



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