Builder Turns a Staircase Into Wine Cellar That Can Hold 156 Bottles!

58-years-old house renovator Murray Berrill from Australia built this unique wine cellar. There’s no need for a dedicated room in your home or installing shelves for your bottles. If you have a two-story home, all you need is the staircase to build a storage space for your wine collection.

Although adding storage space under the staircase isn’t new, Murray claims that a wine cellar is not common. So from this idea alone, he’s faced challenges to create a secure and sturdy wine cellar under a staircase. 

The wine cellar under the staircase can hold a total of 156 bottles at full capacity. It has 12 drawers total, two on each riser, with bottle holders inside. Temperature won’t be a problem as well; the drawers are insulated and equipped with a thermometer to keep track of.

There were challenges faced in producing the design, Murray humbly admits. But he’s made it sure to create a design plan that will make the stairs strong enough to function as stairs themselves. He also claims: “There is a stud wall from the concrete slab to underneath each thread that runs down the middle of the stairs. An elephant could walk on it. That’s also where the drawer slides are fixed so that the draws are anchored to the slab to minimize vibrations.” From those facts alone, he was able to build this project under a week and a half.

And on days that it doesn’t have bottles to store, you can freely keep everyday household items into these 12 drawers. There’ll be no wine bottle or clutter left behind anymore. 

Could you use one of these in your home?



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