How to Turn Bottles into Jars

Aside from the environmental impact of recycling, you also get new storage containers at home!
Aside from the environmental impact of recycling, you also get new storage containers at home!

These days, there’s a strong campaign for protecting Mother Earth. There are a lot of groups that encourage recycling. Seeing that it’s for a good cause, we felt the urge to take part in this advocacy.

As our initial step, we decided to minimize the use of plastics. We opted to use eco-bags when doing groceries, we no longer use plastic straws, and we only buy drinks in glass bottles. Because of this, we started to accumulate empty bottles at home.

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In support of the recycling campaign, we came to a decision to convert some of them into jars. Seeing the finished products is so fulfilling. I think it comes from knowing that we were able to do something good for the environment.

Use the jars to store candies, pasta, or many other small stuff.
Use the jars to store candies, pasta, or any other small stuff.

Aside from its environmental impact, I’m also happy to have new storage containers at home! We use them to store pasta, candies, and other small stuff. If you have empty bottles at home, turn them into jars!

What you’ll need to turn bottles into jars…


  • Hot water
  • container to place the bottle entirely
  • washing-up liquid
  • a rope
  • candle
  • ice cubes
  • transparent sticking paper
  • etching cream


  • stainless steel sponge
  • glass cutter
  • bottle cutter (recommended)
  • hot glue gun
  • utility knife
  • 3D printer/cork

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Thanks to Matlek for this great project. You can get step-by-step instructions here…



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