How to Turn a Clawfoot Bathtub into a Couch

Take a look at this adorable clawfoot bathtub couch!
Take a look at this adorable clawfoot bathtub couch!

You’ve probably seen this in the movies. If you’re a big Audrey Hepburn fan then you’ll know. The clawfoot bathtub couch first appeared in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Since then, it has captured the attention of the world.

There have been many reproductions of the couch and some sell for more than a thousand dollars. But would you really pay that much when it’s possible to make one of your own?

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First, you have to get your hands on a used clawfoot tub. Buying a new tub is expensive. You’ll spend the same amount of money when you buy a clawfoot tub couch. You will have to make do with a used one. When you have it already, the rest of the tools and materials are easier to find.

A DIY clawfoot bathtub couch is a great way to bring life to a boring living room.
A DIY clawfoot bathtub couch is a great way to bring life to a boring living room.

This project isn’t entirely easy. It involves cutting through cast iron and a lot of grinding, sanding, and painting. But as the great DIY-er said, the finished product was well worth the build.


  • used clawfoot tub
  • primer coat
  • enamel-based paint
  • 120/220/400 grit sandpaper
  • nuts and flange washers
  • abrasive cleaner with an abrasive pad
  • epoxy filler
  • painter’s tape
  • epoxy primekote
  • Interlux Gloss White Brightside Polyurethane Paint
  • 4″ thick furniture foam
  • the fabric of your choice


  • sandblaster
  • permanent marker
  • angle grinder
  • masonry abrasive cutting wheel
  • metal cutting disc
  • standard grinding disc
  • disposable chip brush
  • paintbrush
  • electric carving knife
  • putty knife
  • sander
  • sewing machine
  • safety gear (heavy work pants, closed-toe shoes, leather welding jacket, face shield, respirator, ear protection, eye protection, hat/helmet)

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Thanks to noahw for this great project. You can get step-by-step instructions here



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