How to Build a Stone Oven

An outdoor oven made by stacking rocks and stones.
An outdoor oven made by stacking rocks and stones.

How would you like to have your very own stone oven?

Back in the old days when gas/electric stoves weren’t yet available, people were innovative. They made use of stones to cook, stacking them to form a stone oven.

Today, despite the advent of technology, stone ovens come in handy. If you love the outdoors and camping is your thing, this project is definitely for you. You can also build one in your backyard – perfect for entertaining family and friends.

You can build your own stone oven in your backyard!
You can build your stone oven in your backyard!

Because this oven’s made from stone, it costs nothing to build. If you have access to rocks and stones of different sizes, you’re good to go. A fair warning though: you’ll need time, patience, and effort to get this done. But then again, the result is worth it.

Do you think you can gather up your friends and get started on this DIY project?


  • Stones and rocks in various shapes and sizes
  • Natural clay/soil as mortar or filler (optional)

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Thanks to Bob Hansler for this great project. You can get step-by-step instructions here…



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