Garden Hose Storage with Planter

Build a garden hose storage with planter!

A beautiful garden won’t thrive without it, but it can be an eyesore if left just lying around. We’re talking about the garden hose! Since it’s essential to your garden, then you might as well provide for a proper storage for it in your backyard.

Garden Hose Storage Ideas

Well, we have a clever and beautiful storage solution for hiding the garden hose in your yard – a garden hose storage and planter in one! If you want to keep your garden looking tidy, then this is definitely a DIY project for you. :)

This garden hose storage and planter in one is a very easy project that you can accomplish in a day.

It’s also inexpensive since you can build it using pallets or scrap timber from previous projects. The amount of timber you will need would of course depend on the size of your garden hose.

To further improve this idea, you can install a hose reel / winder inside so that the garden hose is easy to pull out when you need it. You can also opt for a drawer instead of a door. This way you can also easily take out the garden hose in case you don’t have a hose reel available. Either way, it’s going to work to your advantage! :)

Providing a space for it to also serve as a planter would make it a nice fixture in your backyard aside from being a functional storage.

This clever DIY project is not only a beautiful storage idea for your garden hose in your yard, it’s also a great way to grow more plants!

Is this going to be your next weekend project?

Thanks to DIY Candy for this great project. You can get step-by-step instructions here

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