Bed Canopy with Lights

Make a magical bed canopy with lights

Don’t like sleeping in total darkness? A bed canopy with lights would help. It doesn’t just serve as a nightlight, it’s a beautiful decor for your bed too!

Bed Canopy with Lights

The bed canopy with lights is a lovely way to provide mood lighting in your personal space. It’s perfect for people who are afraid of the dark, especially if they are sharing the room with someone who can’t sleep with the lights on!

You can do this project no matter what type of bed you have in your room – single, twin, or queen-sized – even if you don’t have a canopy bed frame! You can use hooks, nails, a towel rod, or a tree branch for hanging your netting from the ceiling. Your materials would depend on the arrangement that you want to do, but a rope definitely comes in handy for this bedroom decor project.

If you are feeling extra creative and inspired, you can add a rug, a rustic lantern, or a beautiful fabric to complement your lighted bed canopy.

If your kids are afraid of monsters under the bed, then they will surely love this idea. It will help them think of happy thoughts at night (instead of monsters under the bed) as they drift off to la-la land. And if you have a little girl, the dreamy lights and canopy would surely make her feel like a princess!

Bed Canopy with Lights

Is this going to be your next bedroom project?

Have a look at the beautiful examples we have for you below for inspiration! ;)


  • Mosquito Netting
  • LED String Lights / Fairy Lights
  • Tree Branches / Curtain Rods
  • Small Nails / Screws
  • Hooks
  • Long Rope
  • Extra Fabric (for hiding materials that you don’t want visible)


  • Hammer or Drill
  • Sewing Machine/Kit

Click on any image to start the lightbox display. Use your Esc key to close the lightbox.8-)

Thanks to Breakfast with Audrey for this great project. You can get step-by-step instructions here



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