Home Improvements and Your Home’s Value

By guest blogger, Tane Clark


Carrying out renovations in the home can cause some upheaval. It definitely does when you are still residing in there and don’t have the luxury of being able to move elsewhere while the work is carried out. That’s not to say that it won’t be worth carrying out this kind of work.

Some people purchase homes but don’t plan on staying there for the duration of their lives; they might be starter home or they may be bought as a pure investment. Carrying out a particular home improvement project, depending on what it is can add healthy value to a home but of course research is needed to see if there will be a return on investment.

It would be irresponsible to invest any amount of money in a home improvement project without knowing your budget and also knowing what a particular project is likely to cost. Of course budgets can also overrun so it’s important to keep a contingency element to the budget to help prepare for this event.

This infographic from HalfPrice.com.au outlines those home improvements that might help to increase the value of your home; it also details some home improvements that might be a bad idea and it indicates some home renovation ideas that would be seen as environmentally friendly choices. Check it out below.
















To see a larger version of this infographic click here

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Tane Clark is a part-time blogger and full time marketing manager with home improvement solutions company HalfPrice.com.au



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