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Build a fire pit from cement landscape blocks

Fire Pit Cement Landscape Blocks

Building a beautiful fire pit in your backyard is easier and cheaper than you think!

This DIY project from Tools 2 Tiaras is just one example of a fire pit that is easy to do, easy on the wallet, with no limits in terms of design. The owner-builder spent about $20 on the project. He was able to build it to the size he wanted with just that amount! How? By making use of landscape and cinder blocks that were already in the house when he bought it.

While not everyone has landscape blocks lying around their backyard, this material is still one of the budget-friendly options for a gorgeous fire pit. You can first look at buying excess blocks from a friend or neighbour, at a lower price. You can also find a cheap fire pit base from a thrift store as another option.

Fire Pit Cement Landscape Blocks

Is this the kind of fire pit that would make a great addition to your backyard?

Take inspiration from the various examples of a fire pit made from landscape and cinder blocks below!


  • Cement Landscape Edging
  • Landscaping Blocks
  • Cinder Blocks
  • Landscape Adhesive
  • Cement Mix


  • Shovel
  • Spirit Level

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Thanks to Rachel Ferrucci for this great project. You can get step-by-step instructions here



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