Adjustable Sawhorse Desk

Convenient Adjustable Sawhorse Desk Coffee Table in 5 Steps

Every living room needs a centerpiece. People need somewhere to put up their feet or put down their drinks.  This sawhorse desk coffee table is perfect for both.

Adjustable Sawhorse coffee table

But using a coffee table as a work desk is extremely uncomfortable and, when done regularly for long periods of time, can cause chronic back pain that might plague you for the rest of your life!

But we do understand that not everybody has the option to have a dedicated workspace or desk. If you are one of those who often do work in their living area, on a coffee table, the solution for you is an adjustable sawhorse desk coffee table.

It’s a coffee table with an adjustable desk height so that it can be used as a suitable laptop/work table. And the best part? This piece of furniture is suitable for anyone who wishes to use it since the height adjusting mechanism is made with all-thread rods. No matter how tall or short a person is, he or she can always raise the desk height to one that is exactly comfortable for him or her!

And of course, let’s not forget that this multi-purpose furniture item is also a sawhorse. Aside from using it as an office table or craft table, you can definitely use an adjustable sawhorse desk coffee table in your workshop, too!

Adjustable Sawhorse Desk

What would you use this adjustable sawhorse desk coffee table for? :)

Building an Adjustable Sawhorse Desk Coffee Table


  • 2 pcs of 2″x4″x8′ Board
  • 1 pc of 2″x6″x6′ Board
  • 1 pc of 1″x4″8′ Board
  • 1 Tabletop (minimum of 24″x48″)
  • 4 pcs of 18″ long 5/8″ All Thread
  • 4 Floor Flanges (to match all threads)
  • Screws (no longer than 1-1/2″)
  • 8 Nuts (to match all threads)
  • 8 Washers (to match all threads)
  • 2″ Screws
  • 2-1/2″ Screws
  • 2-1/2″ Pocket Hole Screws


  • Measuring Tape
  • Speed Square
  • Kreg Jig
  • Cordless Drill
  • Miter Saw


Step 1: Cut the Lumber

  1. Measure and Mark: Using your measuring tape and speed square, mark the 2″x4″ boards into the following lengths:
    • Four pieces at 32″ each (legs).
    • Two pieces at 24″ each (lower cross braces).
    • Two pieces at 44″ each (upper cross braces).
  2. Cut the Boards: Use the miter saw to cut the boards at the marked lengths. Always ensure you follow safety protocols when using power tools.

Step 2: Assemble the Sawhorse Legs

  1. Prepare Pocket Holes: Use the Kreg Jig to drill pocket holes at both ends of the 24″ lower cross braces and 44″ upper cross braces.
  2. Attach the Lower Cross Braces: Position the 24″ lower cross braces between two 32″ leg pieces, making sure the lower braces are about 6″ from the bottom. Use 2-1/2″ pocket hole screws to secure them.
  3. Attach the Upper Cross Braces: Position the 44″ upper cross braces at the top of the legs. Secure them with 2-1/2″ pocket hole screws, ensuring the structure is square and level.

Step 3: Install the Adjustable Mechanism

  1. Drill Holes for All Thread: On the inside of each leg, measure and mark 4 evenly spaced points starting from the bottom up. These points will be where the all-thread rods will go through. Drill 5/8″ holes at these points.
  2. Attach Floor Flanges: Secure a floor flange to the inside of each leg where the drilled holes are. Use screws no longer than 1-1/2″ to fasten them securely.
  3. Insert All Thread Rods: Thread the 5/8″ all-thread rods through the floor flanges and drilled holes in each leg. These rods will act as the adjustable height mechanism.
  4. Secure with Nuts and Washers: On each end of the rods, place a washer and nut. Tighten them to hold the rods firmly in place. Ensure the legs can move freely up and down along the rods for height adjustment.

Step 4: Attach the Tabletop

  1. Prepare the Tabletop: Center the tabletop on top of the assembled sawhorse frame. Ensure equal overhang on all sides for balance and aesthetics.
  2. Secure the Tabletop: From underneath, use the 2″ screws to attach the tabletop to the upper cross braces. Pre-drill holes to avoid splitting the wood and ensure screws are flush.

Step 5: Final Adjustments and Finishing

  1. Adjust the Height: Use the nuts and washers on the all-thread rods to adjust the table height to your desired level. Lock the nuts in place once you have the desired height.
  2. Sand and Finish: Sand the entire table, focusing on any rough edges. Apply your choice of finish, such as paint or wood stain, to protect and enhance the wood’s appearance.
  3. Test for Stability: Ensure the table is stable and all components are securely fastened. Make any necessary adjustments.

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You can get more step-by-step instructions here

Benefits of Multi-Functional Furniture

Our use of our living areas is being revolutionized by multipurpose furniture. Modern homes, where space is frequently limited, require furniture that has several uses more than ever. One excellent illustration of how one piece can provide style, utility, and versatility all at once is the sawhorse desk coffee table. The adjustable sawhorse desk coffee table and other multipurpose furniture provide the following main advantages for your house.

Space-Saving Design

Smaller living arrangements, including apartments or tiny houses, call for innovative ways to make the most of the space. By fusing the usefulness of several components into one, multifunctional furniture—like the adjustable sawhorse desk coffee table—helps accomplish this. Serving as a desk, coffee table, and even a workshop table, it frees up important space that might otherwise be used by other things. For people that like to keep their living space light and uncluttered, this design is ideal.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Putting money into multipurpose furniture, such as the adjustable sawhorse desk coffee table, will pay dividends over time. Rather than purchasing a separate sawhorse, coffee table, and workstation, you can integrate these uses into one, multipurpose piece. This saves money on both the initial outlay for buying several things and the ongoing costs of replacing and repairing different furniture pieces. For homeowners on a tight budget who want to stretch their money as far as possible, it’s a wise decision.

Enhanced Flexibility

Adapting to various situations and needs is one of multifunctional furniture’s main benefits. This adjustable sawhorse desk coffee table can be used as a robust workbench in your workshop or as a casual coffee table in your living room. It may be adjusted in height to fit a range of uses, from informal dining to concentrated work. This adaptability makes it easy to modify your living area to suit your changing demands and way of life.

Simplified Living

Simpler, more orderly living is encouraged by multipurpose furniture such as the adjustable sawhorse desk coffee table. Reducing the amount of furniture items required can help you keep the area neater and more efficient. This minimization of clutter and more effective use of space make this minimalism particularly helpful in houses with little storage. Because it puts quality and usefulness ahead of quantity, it promotes thoughtful living.

Versatile Aesthetics

Beyond just being useful, multipurpose furniture like the adjustable sawhorse desk coffee table has adaptable looks that go well with a variety of interior design themes. Modern, industrial, or rustic decor motifs may all be easily incorporated into its functional form and clean lines. Selecting furniture that can change in both style and function can help you to design a living area that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

There are several advantages to have multipurpose furniture in your house, such the adjustable sawhorse desk coffee table. These items are priceless in the modern dynamic living environments because they save money and space while also improving flexibility and encouraging a simpler lifestyle. Using multipurpose designs enables you to maximize available space without sacrificing design or functionality.

Creative Uses for Your Adjustable Sawhorse Desk Coffee Table

More than just a standard piece of furniture, the adjustable sawhorse desk coffee table is multipurpose. Its robust construction and height adjustment create a plethora of uses for it in your house. Adaptable to your needs, this creative table can be used for work, play, or leisure. Use your flexible sawhorse desk coffee table in the following inventive ways.

Home Office Workstation

Nowadays, when working remotely, having a practical and cozy home office is crucial. Easily converted into a home office workstation is the adjustable sawhorse desk coffee table. Sort your workplace materials, place your laptop, and raise the table to a suitable height. 

Using this configuration lowers the possibility of back and neck problems during extended workdays by enabling you to keep an ergonomic position. Revert the table to its starting height and use it as a coffee table when your workday is through.

Craft and DIY Station

Hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers will find the adjustable sawhorse desk coffee table to be the ideal workstation. Set up your supplies and tools and raise the table to a comfortable height for standing work. This table offers a firm and roomy surface whether you’re sewing, painting, or building little furnishings. Any creative office would benefit from its robust construction, which can withstand a variety of creating tasks.

Children’s Activity Table

The adjustable height feature of this table makes it an excellent choice for a children’s activity table. You can lower the table to a kid-friendly height, allowing them to comfortably engage in activities such as drawing, building with blocks, or doing homework. The table’s robust construction ensures it can withstand the energetic use typical of children. Plus, its versatility means it can grow with your child, adapting to their changing needs over time.

Temporary Dining Table

Hosting a casual gathering or need extra dining space? The adjustable sawhorse desk coffee table can serve as a temporary dining table. Raise it to dining height and arrange it with chairs for an informal meal setting. This is especially useful in smaller homes or apartments where a full-size dining table may not fit. After the meal, you can easily revert the table to its coffee table function.

Entertainment Center

Transform your adjustable sawhorse desk coffee table into a hub for entertainment. It can be set up as a gaming station, holding consoles and controllers, or as a board game table for family game nights. With its adjustable height, it’s ideal for setting up at a level that’s comfortable for everyone involved. The table’s versatility ensures it can meet the demands of various entertainment activities, making it a focal point for fun and relaxation.

Garden and Outdoor Table

Take your adjustable sawhorse desk coffee table outside for patio or gardening activities. As a potting table, it offers a practical surface for planting and arranging gardening supplies. As an alternate, arrange it as an outside dining or drink table for parties on your deck or patio. Its robust design allows it to resist the demands of outdoor use, enhancing the usefulness of your garden area.

Mobile Workbench

A useful option for anyone who like carpentry or require a multipurpose workbench is the adjustable sawhorse desk coffee table. In your garage or workshop, use it as a moveable workbench; change the height to suit various jobs. Simple repairs to more involved creations are all possible with its sturdy design and versatility. Anywhere you need a dependable workspace, this table adjusts to your needs.

Not only is the adjustable sawhorse desk coffee table a piece of furniture. Its versatility in heights and applications makes it a useful addition to any house. The imaginative applications for this table are limitless, from a mobile workbench to a home office workstation. Accept its adaptability to improve your living area and satisfy your special requirements.


Building an adjustable sawhorse desk coffee table is a rewarding project that combines functionality and creativity. This versatile piece not only serves as a practical solution for various needs but also adds a unique touch to your living space. With simple materials and tools, you can create a multi-functional table that adapts to your lifestyle and brings endless possibilities to your home.



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